First birthday as a healthcare professional in a hospital

First birthday as a healthcare professional in a hospital

Christmas holidays are always a special and special moment in which the most loving feelings and solidarity between people are shown. The period of the year becomes even more special if you have earned after six years of studying and passing the MIR For the first time the opportunity to live at Christmas being healthy. To get a sense of this feeling, Redacción Médica speaks with a family doctor from Arturo Eye Health Center Associated with the Rio Ortega Hospital, in the western region of Valladolid (Castilla e Leon).

“I live it Especially happy that I’m working on what I want. In this sense, I am happy,” says Daniel Martin, a first-year resident, who also stresses that in these appointments there is a special “satisfaction” that patients are doing their work more or less well and can celebrate the holidays with their families.

A rewarding and challenging experience

Spending Christmas as a health worker means mixed feelings for Martin, as he defines the experience as “Rewarding and challenging at the same time.” “It’s gratifying that you can take care of patients who are in a fragile situation and need help. If you can help them, it’s a relief,” explains the first-year resident.

On the other hand, it is considered a difficult experience because of the way patients live it. “It is difficult because you see that they have their various problems and personal struggles that are getting worse during these periods. In addition, they cannot be reunited with their families, they are people They end up getting in and these are not easy moments.” It details Martin, who has spent the 24th doing “half and a half”, i.e. working and going to dinner with the family.

First Christmas without covid saturation

for For the first time since 2019, Toilets will live again this Christmas with normal caring activity after leaving behind the worst moments of the Covid-19 pandemic. It should be remembered that last year, when restrictions began to ease, there was an outbreak of infection at toilet dinners which led some sectors to question whether toilets could attend Christmas gatherings or whether it was their responsibility as professionals and absentees from the festivities. Something that infuriated some professionals, who rhetorically wondered if they were too They have rights or they can just work.

Another positive factor of spending Christmas Eve as a healthcare professional in 2022 is that you can earn up to €1,400 for doing medical guard 24 dec. Specifically, the wage varies in each autonomous community, as each region sets specific amounts for medical staff with variations of up to €33 per hour. Thus, the most expensive medical guard on special leave is paid €59.52 per hour, while the cheapest is €25.82 per hour, which equals €1428.48 versus €619.68, multiplied by 24 hours.

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