What color do dogs see: What does science say

What color do dogs see: What does science say

Photo: What Color Do Dogs See: What Science Says.

Although much progress has been made, Find out how dog They are visually aware that their external environment is sparseThe article confirms what do dogs see (Canis familiar)? A review of vision in dogs and its implications for cognitive research published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review in 2018.

In this sense, the article includes it It remains controversialalthough there are many studies trying to get close to a definitive answer about the ability of this popular animal To distinguish different colors.

According to her, humans have three types of photoreceptor cone cells. Long wave (red), medium wave (green) and short wave (blue). Dogs only have two, which roughly match the sensitivities of shortwave and longwave (blue and yellow). These data indicate that dogs may be unable to perceive Differences between color cues Green, yellow and red.

What color do dogs see: What does science say
Photo: What Color Do You See: What Science Says.

However, the document continues; There is evidence that they can perceive these colors Even without having cone photoreceptor cells.

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Previous article titled Distinguishing colors in dogs (2000) in Nihon Chikusan Gakkaiho; warn about it They seem interested in the colors they can perceive, Because during a test with Shiba dogs, they were able to distinguish between the three primary colors and gray.

Finally, the 2018 literature notes that although there is no specific visual pigment for UV rays; dogs They may have the ability to perceive ultraviolet light.

Likewise, the study published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review confirms that there is still More research is needed; To understand how well dogs perceive colour How similar is a dog’s color perception to that of a dog? Humans.

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