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In the gubernatorial race, five candidates for Nuevo León, Guerrero, Campeche, Querétaro and Chihuahua did not receive enough votes to win, despite the fact that during the election campaigns they spent more than their opponents.

According to audit reports submitted to the National Electoral Institute (INE), some have spent millions of pesos more than their opponents.

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Clara Luz Flores, candidate for the governor of Nuevo Leon for Morena, has allocated 54 million 25 thousand 428 pesos for her campaign during the election campaign. Morenista surpassed Samuel Garcia, the hypothetical winner, who spent 41 million 919 thousand and 982 pesos. The difference is 12.1 million.

According to the National Electoral Institute’s inspection portal, in Guerrero, PRI-PRD’s governing candidate Mario Moreno Arcos ranked 17.9 million more than Morenista Evelyn Salgado Pineda, the hypothetical winner.

In his campaign, Moreno Arcos spent 24 million 271 thousand and 566 pesos, while Salgado Pineda scored six million 370 thousand and 369 pesos in his campaign. Morenista began her campaign on May 6, when she replaced her father, Felix Salgado Macedonho, whose registration had been withdrawn by the National Institute of Statistics for failing to comply with his pre-campaign expense report.

In Campeche, the Constitutional Revolutionary Party Christian Castro Bello allocated 15 million 682 thousand 417 pesos for his campaign to reach the position of governor. While Lida Sensors, the hypothetical winner, reported that she used 10 million 227 thousand 972 pesos, a difference of 5.4 million.

Celia Maia, the Cherry Party candidate for governor of Queretaro, with 22 million 745 thousand 387 pesos in her campaign exceeded the 16 million 857 thousand 603 pesos spent by Mauricio Corrie, the actual winner of the competition. Maya spent 5.8 million pesos more than her opponent.

According to data from the INE platform, in Chihuahua, Maro Campos, the actual winner of the governor, allocated 24 million 794 thousand 434 pesos, a figure lower than Morenista Juan Carlos Loera, who recorded expenses for 32 million 261 thousand 891 pesos. A difference of 7.4 million.

These expenditures will be reviewed by the National Institute of Statistics, which among its advantages has the power to review the origin, destination and application of the resources used by each candidate during campaigns, regardless of whether they are local or federal.

If irregularities are found, the electoral authority applies penalties ranging from fines to annulment of the election in the event that the violation is very serious and is attributable to the winner of the competition.

On the other hand, although it did not exceed the amount of resources used by the hypothetical winners in the states of Sonora, Baja California, Michoacan, Colima, Tlaxcala, Nayarit, and Sinaloa, the losing candidates also spent millions of pesos to promote themselves.

In the case of Sonora, Ernesto Gandara, the hero of the Alliance of National Action, the Institutional Revolution Party and the Democratic Revolution, allocated 19 million 205 thousand 934 pesos, but did not arrive last Sunday. Enough votes to beat Alfonso Durazo, who spent 31 million 125 thousand 557 pesos.

In Sinaloa, candidate Mario Zamora of the coalition opposing the state government used more than 22 million 839 thousand 774 pesos, but Rubén Rocha de Morena won and used one million more than Zamora.

On the other hand, in Baja California, Guadalupe Jones, the 1991 Miss Universe winner and Going for Mexico coalition nominee, stayed on the path to another victory, but spent 8,362,922 pesos to promote herself.

In Michoacan, Carlos Herrera allocated Tello de va Port Mexico 16 million 552 thousand 917 pesos, although the figure is high, he did not beat his opponent Moreno Alfredo Pedulla, who invested 22 million pesos in his victory.

While in Colima, Millie Romero of the PAN-PRI-PRD alliance spent four million 559 thousand pesos; In Tlaxcala, Annabel Avalos of the Tlaxcala Alliance had similar expenses to her opponent and hypothetical winner Lorena Cuellar de Morena, both spending over three million pesos.

Finally, in Nayarit, the banner-bearer of the Citizens’ Movement, Ignacio Flores conquered more than five million in his campaign. In contrast, Morenista Miguel Angel Navarro spent 16.3 million.

Among the candidates who did not allocate millions, the PAN of Southern California highlights Francisco Pelayo Covarrubias, because according to records, he spent 361,977 pesos on his campaign.

Regarding the governor of Zacatecas, Claudia Anaya, the PAN opponent of David Monreal, the hypothetical winner of the entity, there is no record of his movements in the system.

On June 22, the electoral authority plans to hand over the final results to the campaign audit of the 15 districts that were elected.

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