FMS Peru: Results, standings, best player and everything left us that day 4 in Arequipa

FMS Peru: Results, standings, best player and everything left us that day 4 in Arequipa
Nekroos is having an important battle today in FMS Peru

The FMS Peru He celebrated his fourth birthday on Saturday, April 30th. 12 MC released their best verses at Paseo Central Shopping Center in Arequipa. The Dexterity and flow It’s very popped, as well as the heavy attack bars, despite the fact that the camaraderie is breathing. An example of the latter is the battle between Necros and Jota, which was the last of the day.

On paper, this was the most promising fight of the previous one and it didn’t disappoint. They were two heavyweights taking on each other, but with more intense Nekroos. Kuma’s representative came in shape after that Champion alongside Skone in the final history of God Level All Stars 2vs2.

The other star battle was the battle of Skill and Vijay Kesh, who were good friends, and they brought the best of themselves to this confrontation. Each of the Essen completely showed their own style.

The frame was also a perfect fit because the turntables were, as always transponder dj And Mcías was an addition that gave a different twist to hosting the event, along with Metz. The jury as always is made up of Guru, Shock, Fox, HBD and Django.

You can live here on the fourth day of FMS Peru from Arequipa.

minute by minute

we don’t cross Win the battle instantly

Sixth Battle: necros vs. jot

Skill Win the battle instantly

Fifth Battle: skill vs. Vijay Kish

jeez Win the battle instantly

Fourth battle: jeez vs. Jair Wong

sticky Win the battle after the replica

Black Code and Stick move to a replica

The third battle: BlackCode vs. sticky

strike Win the battle instantly

Second battle: Strike vs. entity

Diego MC Win the battle instantly

First battle: Diego MC vs. ghost

Gotta set up a party in Arequipa

Guetta set the party up with his presentation in Arequipa. urban cocks

Presentation lecturer begins

Metz and Messias are the hosts tonight

Matchday 4 fights

jeez vs. Jair Wong

stick vs. black code

Strike vs. entity

necros vs. jot

Diego MC vs. ghost

skill vs. Vijay Kish

Position table

This is how the rating goes in FMS Peru after the fourth day

Center – CM – Result

1 – NEKROOS – 10 points

2 – jazz – 8 parts

3 – stick – 8 points

4 – skill – 8 points

5 – DIEGO MC – 7 points

6 – Jack – 7 points

7 – Vijay Kish – 6 Pieces

8 – Entity – 5 points

9 – black symbol – 5 points

10 – Jair Wong – 4 points

11 – kick – 3 points

12 – Ghost – 1 point

The best player in every trip

Day 4: Scored 283.5 points

Day Three: A skill with 286 points

Day 2: Jeez with 358 points

Day 1: Jeez with 343 points

Previous results

Third round results

sticky Defeat the strike directly

Xplain Directly defeat Fenty (Exhibition)

Vijay Kish beat jeez after reply

pleximental Lokillo is defeated after replying (Exhibition)

jot Defeat the ghost directly

Skill Beat an entity after replying

Second day results

Diego MC beat your strike

jot Defeated Black Code after a retort

we don’t cross He defeated Jair Wong after replying

Vijay Kish beat the stick

Skill Beat the ghost after replying

entity beat jeez after reply

First day results

black code Beat Diego MC after reply

entity Beat Vijay Kish after replying

sticky Defeat Jair Wong

jeez beat your strike

jot Defeated Defeated After Crooked

we don’t cross beat the ghost

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