For this reason, dogs are more sensitive to a woman’s voice.

For this reason, dogs are more sensitive to a woman’s voice.

MRI scans on trained dogs revealed interesting similarities between babies and dogs during speech processing, according to a study by Communications Biology.

When we communicate with recipients who have limited language proficiency such as children and dogs, to attract and maintain their attention.

“Studying how dog brains process speech directed at dogs is exciting, as it may help us understand how exaggerated prose contributes to efficient speech processing in non-human species that are skilled at relying on various speech cues (for example, following verbal commands), explained Anna Gergeli, author of the study.

The study shows that the auditory brain regions of dogs responded more to speech directed at dogs and children than at speech directed at adults, so they are in tune.

The study commented: “What makes this finding particularly interesting is that in dogs, unlike infants, this sensitivity cannot be explained by ancient response to specific cues or intrauterine exposure to female voices.”

Similarly, another study author commented: “The increased sensitivity of the dog’s brain to canine speech uttered by women specifically may be due to the fact that women speak to dogs more frequently than men in an exaggerated tone.”

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