Leonor enjoys her first plan in Zaragoza: an afternoon with her colleagues from the academy and two bodyguards

Leonor enjoys her first plan in Zaragoza: an afternoon with her colleagues from the academy and two bodyguards
Princess Leonor at the Zaragoza Military Academy. (the real house)

Little by little, Princess Leonor began to adjust to her new routine at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza, which she entered on Thursday 17 August. Like the rest of his fellow students, in these early days he receives training so that military and academic life becomes as easy as possible once the course begins.

But not all courses and training take place. An important part of this phase, as noted by his father, King Felipe, is that he will meet people who may eventually become an important part of his life. Realizing this, Leonor has not closed any doors and has already begun to do so Plans with the rest of the students.

Princess Leonor with classmates at the Zaragoza Military Academy. (real home)

Last weekend, it was his first vacation, and since he was in Zaragoza for a little while, he chose to stay in the city. Leonor is seen at El Tuno’s bar, a favorite among young college students and military academy students. according to HeraldIt was last Sunday Aug 20at the end of the afternoon, when the daughter of Felipe VI went to this place With about twenty colleagues.

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The owner of the building revealed to the aforementioned means that the princess I was dressed for the streetWith a pink shirt, black shorts, sneakers and sunglasses. I asked the group Pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers and scrambled eggs They shared soft drinks and water bottles. The total cost was 170 euros which they paid together.

And that person had also revealed that Leonor was Accompanied by two escorts any time. Two men were “quite right” and sat at another table separate from the cadets, certainly with the idea of ​​giving Princess Leonor every possible discretion. As the witnesses of this first outing with her companions confirm, so is Leonor Completely integrated and it was another one from the big group.

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