Found the destroyer USS Johnston World War II


Discover a mission 6,500 meters On the shores Filipino remains The destroyer USS Johnston from American NavySank through World War IIOne team member reported on Sunday.

“We just took the deepest dive in history to find the remains of the destroyer USS Johnston,”

Twitter Victor Viskovo, founder of the US company Caladan Oceanic, which directed the submarine that located the ship.

during Two dives From the eight hours I performed at the end of March, the team was able to MoviesAnd To portray And To study remains Container, Off the coast of the aforementioned Samar Islands Kalladan Oceanic, A company specializing in underwater technologies.

The The destroyer USS Johnston 115 meters long, it sank on October 25, 1944, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, one of the largest naval battles in history and which marked the beginning of the end. Japan.

Photo: AFP

Other explorers discovered it at sea Filipino In 2019, however, most of the ship was not within reach of any remote control.

  • Only 141 of the ship’s 327 crew members survived Archives of the United States Navy.

The Mission Found intact arch, bridge and central part of The destroyer USS Johnston. Helmet number “557” was still visible. The expedition stated that two turrets, torpedo reserve points, and several rifle carriers were also sighted.

Parks Stephenson, navigator and expedition historian, noted that in the wreck you can see the damage it sustained during the voyage. World War II, more than 75 years old.

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