Frances McDormand, Best Actress Oscar for Nomadland


Frances McDormand was a star that night after winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her Bedouin. The actress won this third Oscar in her career, as she had previously achieved Fargo (1996) and Three ads in the suburbs (2017).

The film in which he plays the protagonist, which incidentally won an Oscar for Best Picture, tells the story of a woman who makes her way in the United States to live in a mobile home after losing her job and her husband. during the recession.

This award places McDormand among the greatest actresses of these awards

Frances McDormand after learning that Nomadland won the Academy Award for Best Picture


Perhaps the actress’s speech was the shortest night. Of course, he took the opportunity to offer a poem to go to the cinema: “Go see the movie on the largest screen you can see.”

This award places McDormand among the greatest actresses of these awards. Only Meryl Streep and Ingrid Bergman have won three Oscars, although the absolute queen of acting, both male and female, is still Katharine Hepburn, with the award-winning poker.

Trama de “Nomadland”

McDormand puts himself in the shoes of a woman who takes the road to live in a mobile home after losing her job and her husband

In this category, McDormand was competing with Viola Davis for mother of the blues; second day bor United States vs Billie Holiday; Vanessa Kirby, Bor woman fragments; and Carey Mulligan for promising young woman.

Until the last moment, there were no clear bets on the winner, as many were awarded at various festivals. His rival Andra Day was awarded a Golden Globe while Viola Davis received the award from the Actors Guild, usually the best indicator of who would win the golden statue. Meanwhile, Carey Mulligan won numerous awards from American critics, including Los Angeles and New York as well as Critics’ Choice and National Board of Review and Vanessa Kirby won the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival.

Go watch the movie on the largest screen you can.

Frances McDormandan actress

Producers Frances McDormand and Chloe Chow won Best Picture

Frances McDormand and Director Chloe Chow with the Oscars for ‘Nomadland’

Chris Pizzello / Agence France-Presse

McDormand also became the first actress to win as a producer. It appears as such in the titles, because it was she who bought the book and entrusted the project to Chow. As the actress herself recently explained vanguardIt was at the Toronto Film Festival when I fell in love with the Chinese director’s work.

“we the passenger I was very impressed. It bothered me not to hear anything about her and I wanted to see what else she directed. I soon learned that it was no surprise to many people as she pursued her career. Then Chloe went to the Independent Spirit Awards and when they called her three-quarters of the audience that was there cheered because they knew who they were talking about.”

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