From the cashier at the supermarket to sign up for Netflix

Gemma Palacio a cashier at the supermarket who just signed on to Netflix thanks to her character as Esperansa Grasia on TikTok. The young woman who had taken the intermediate accounting course was living an ordinary life. He had got a job in a supermarket and when he came home he enjoyed social networking, until one day everything changed. He created a character called Esperansa Grasia and started a series of humorous videos that pushed the boundaries. Netflix just signed it up and already has 2 million followers.

Gemma Palacio to sign on Netflix thanks to TikTok

Tweet embed A special chapter is now on NETFLIX TIKTOK! #for you #for you #for you #fyp シ # paratiktok #fypage #fy #Partytiktok #humor # cantaloupe ♬ original sound – Esperansagrasia

A hobby can become a way to make a livingAs happened to Gemma Palacio, the lover of social networks and sense of humor who achieved the impossible. This 21-year-old was living an ordinary life. He trained in an intermediate course and found a job in a supermarket.

This woman is today one of the The most famous tiktokers in the world with 2 million of followers. He has just signed on to Netflix to create what will be his first series and has published a book Ai lof yu, Ashley (I Love You, Ashley). It is a mass phenomenon that has gained the position it finds itself in.

What started as a hobby has turned into a very profitable way of making a living. In TikTok whose name was inspired by the famous seer, who changed only two letters of the name, Created two types of families. On the one hand, one is from the United States, the protagonist is Ashley, and the other is from Spain.

Tweet embed In the end we managed to convince Consuelo to give up the shampoo … #for you #humor #for you #for you #fyp シ # paratiktok #fypage #fyp # cantaloupe ♬ original sound – Esperansagrasia

A way to show the cultural differences they learned through the series they grew up on, but also from Make people laugh. Her family is her mainstay, and they support her in everything and even help her in recording some of her programs on social networks.

She quit her job at the supermarket when Netflix signed her for her To make short videos. Something he does intuitively with a group of characters that helped him gain massive popularity on social networks. Gemma’s life is drastically different from what it was a couple of years ago, but it’s no surprise to see this comedian’s talent totally reflected on social networks.

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