Fuerza Thunder: From superhero cinema to comedy …


Thunder Force 5 points

Thunder Force/ United States, 2021.

Direction and text: Ben Falcon.

Duration: 107 minutes.

Translators: Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, Bobby Cannaval, Kevin Dunn and Jason Bateman.

the first show And Netflix

Melissa McCarthy is part of a long tradition of polarizing comedians.
Those who see in her a whirlwind of humor capable of moving forward with everything and those who see her as a self-centered and in-love actress, a black hole capable of absorbing all the components of the film to put her at her service alone. shine on. Not even his extraordinary dramatic work in Can you forgive me? He has approached hostile situations that, as in politics, seem very comfortable where you are. It is in this context that Thunder Force It arrives on the Netflix platform to make more arguments in favor of each side. McCarthy V has collaborated with director, actor, and husband since 2005 Ben Falcon (TammyAnd the PresidentHe is one of the true exponents of his talent for surreal improvisation, to squeeze every last drop of the comedic potential of every situation. A humor works best when there is a strong text behind it to express it. This is not the case.

Thunder Force He made one in superhero movies and made one in the messiest comedies Not as in eschatological matters or as explicit as on other occasions – by McCarthy, and in so doing he descended himself into it Clearly defined traditions but this here do not mesh well with each otherAs if everyone wants to carry water to his mill instead of empowering himself for the greater good. And the common good is exactly what the protagonists of the novel are looking for. The event begins in a school several decades ago, where Emily and Lydia meet in the same classroom. Two different personalities capable of attracting each other: If the former is smart and has exceptional academic performance but few tools to defend herself from bullying from her peers, the other appears as a naughty person willing to execute anyone who annoys the weakest. But the friendship lasts until school ends.

Years later, Emily (Octavia Spencer) Is a strong high-tech businesswoman and Lydia (McCarthy), and she is a lonely woman without much financial progress. Emily’s absence from the school meeting she has confirmed is an excuse for Lydia to meet her, and she ends up, accidentally, as a guinea pig in testing a subject capable of conferring special powers. The girls, against Emily’s will, will end up twinning again, drawing a tale that goes from contempt to trust in the midst of a sub-plot with the Machiavellian mayor eager for power (cartoonist) Bobby Cannaval(And his assistant armed with crab)Jason Bateman). Lydia’s assistant and romantic interest, as shown in a sequence in a comically high octane restaurant due to irrational naturalization (impossible not to be remembered in Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet’s dinner drawing) Project 43).

But Thunder Force It’s a related comedy, a Netflix product designed as a must-brand set of items. As the footage progresses, her carefree innocence gives way to references to the cloudy universe, the well-thought-out fraternity and salon of these women who united to win.

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