65 series and documentaries on Netflix, HBO, Filmin, Amazon, Movistar +, Disney +, Apple TV + and Starzplay


On Friday, as we prepare our plans for the weekend, a barrage of news arrives on our screens. Like every weekend, we will Reviews 65 film and documentary series That arrives from today until Sunday o’clock Netflix, HBO, From the movieAnd the Amazon Prime VideoAnd the Movistar +And the Disney + s STARZ PLAY.

Welcome to Utmark

A Norwegian series that takes us to explore the peculiarities of a people left by the hand of God in the north of the country where a new teacher arrives. Tobias Santillmann, Mary Blochus, Alma Gunther, and Stege Henrik Hove make up the main cast.

  • The premiere is on Sunday on HBO Spain

‘I care a lot’

Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage lead this catwalk hit movie after it was shown in theaters last week. A black comedy movie about an unscrupulous woman who goes out to evade unsuspecting retirees.

  • The premiere on Friday is on Amazon Prime Video

the master

The new Disney + series revolves around an expelled NCAA coach (John Stamos) who has a chance to redeem himself by coaching an elite women’s basketball team in high school. The series consists of ten episodes, written by David E. Kelly, Dean Lowry and Brad Jarrett.

  • The premiere is on Friday on Disney +

Black daffodil

Reproduced in three episodes of the tape in 1947. Rosebud artertonAnd the Alessandro Nivola The title of this FX / BBC co-production is where we go to a group of nuns who settle in an inaccessible Himalayan mansion that holds many secrets.

  • The premiere will take place on Friday at Movistar +

Confronting a serial killer

This documentary examines the relationship between journalist Gillian Lauren and Sam Little, the most prolific killer in US history, in a race against time to identify his victims.

  • The premiere is on Sunday on Starzplay

‘the guard’

From BBC America comes this new audiovisual view of Terry Pratchett’s wonderful world of Discworld. With a cast of actors led by Richard Dormer, the series follows Ankh Morpork’s guard as he steals a book from the University’s Invisible Library.

  • The premiere on Friday at Movistar + | reconsidering

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All firsts

Netflix (every Friday)

From the movie

  • Half a vote‘ (Friday)
  • “Across the river” (viernes)
  • “Tasas” (Friday)
  • Haneen (Friday)
  • “Wild Love” (Friday)
  • “Sworn enemy” (Friday)
  • Capone (Friday)
  • “Carmine” (Friday)
  • “One Hundred Points for Julian Pintos” (Friday)
  • “Senephilia” (Friday)
  • From the inconvenience of childbirth‘ (Friday)
  • “The Ball” (Friday)
  • “February” (Friday)
  • “Goodbye Mister Wong” (Friday)
  • “Gluttony” (Friday)
  • “Mantra” (Friday)
  • “A Galician Story” (Friday)
  • “One man” (Friday)
  • “Decisive match” (Friday)
  • Coco de Coco Da (Firenze)
  • “Woman, woman” (Friday)
  • Blue Doll (Friday)
  • Neptunia (Friday)
  • “The Real Thing: Part One” (viernes)
  • “The Real Thing: Part Two” (Friday)
  • “Rituals” (Friday)
  • “The Official Short Film Section in Las Palmas: Session Three” (Friday)
  • “Survive, always” (Sabadu)
  • ‘Synchronous. Time limits’ (Friday)
  • The Third Woman (Friday)
  • Little Tim: King for a Day‘ (Friday)
  • “Cathode ray tube” (Friday)
  • torsion‘ (Friday)
  • “The Walk of Zelas” (viernes)

HBO Spain

Movistar +

  • “The Bee Gees” (viernes)
  • “The Guardian” (Friday)
  • “The new white supremacy” (Sunday)
  • The “way back” (viernes)
  • Turkey (Domingo unpublished)

Disney + (every Friday)


  • “The year the world changed” (Friday on Apple TV +)
  • Confronting the serial killer (Domingo en Starzplay)
  • “I care a lot” (Friday on Amazon)
  • Special episode of ‘Mythic Quest’ (Friday on Apple TV +)
  • Souvenir (Friday on Amazon)

Espinof recommends …


A look at superheroes in the same psychological sphere as ‘Glass’, with a central character raises the question whether he is an extraterrestrial as in ‘K-Pax’ or if he is a poor man with mental problems and thinks he is, in ‘Defendor’ style and “Super”. Comes with a quality seal of ‘Daniel is not real’ director, smaller than that, but cosmopolitan and filmed with gorgeous wide-screen and animated entries, the spirit of forum comics from the 1980s to ‘Capa and Puñal,’ even with the edges of science fiction and echoes of John Carpenter “They are alive.”

  • Recommended by Jorge Loser | In Filmin since Friday | reconsidering

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