Garena announces Free Fire collaboration with Venom 2 | Garena | Mexico | Spain | SPORTS-PLAY

Garena announces Free Fire collaboration with Venom 2 |  Garena |  Mexico |  Spain |  SPORTS-PLAY

Famous for special editions featuring Street Fighter, One Punch Man, Cristiano Ronaldo, KSHMR, McLaren, Money Heist, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and many more. Now, Garena is not resting and has added new content to keep the community hooked for months.

Garena recently revealed the upcoming collaboration between Free Fire and the upcoming movie Poison: Let there be a massacre, and society She is pleased with this announcement. Players expect new content, including several co-op-related cosmetics, to be incorporated into the game in the coming days.

The crossover announcement has been released via the game’s official ID, and the post has been read ‘Unique cooperation of With Venom movie will arrive soon! Stay connected and get live news from the official channel of the community ! “.

Earlier this month, a popular data miner was named Bart FF He claimed to have found some references to poison And massacre In the text files of the next update, indicating a possible link between And Poison: Let there be a massacre. It’s proven accurate, and the game’s developers are now confirming collaboration.

Possible items in Free Fire

In one of his latest posts, Bart FF mentioned that a collaboration Free Fire x Venom It will start on October 16, 2021. According to him, these are the articles that will be added to the video game.

  • poison helmet
  • Time of the massacre: Somos Venom
  • carnage time spoils
  • Bicycle – time of carnage
  • The timing of the massacre
  • blue poison token
  • red poison symbol
  • Hybrid poison symbol
  • Mochila Carnegie Time

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