General medical students are recognized at UAZ

General medical students are recognized at UAZ

There are 29 students providing academic support to their peers from previous semesters through the Institutional Mentoring Program

Certificates delivered to the mentors of the General Practitioner Degree for the semester August-December 2022 from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas.

At the event, which was attended by the Coordinator of the Center for Learning and Student Services (CASE) of ña UAZ, José Encarnacion Rivera Muñoz, who in his message congratulated 29 teachers, as well as their parents, because they promote solidarity and altruism in their children, who charitably provide academic support to their peers from Previous semesters through the Institutional Mentoring Program.

For her part, the Director of the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences, Rosa Martha Covarrubias Carrillo, endorsed the commitment of said academic unit to the program, which has been reinforced by an increase of 8 mentors annually in 2020-2021. To 39 mentors in 2021-2022, in addition to increasing the number of students benefiting from mentoring, from 325 to 570 students, in the same periods.

The mentors honored are: Osiris Margarita Rivera Cervantes; Rafael Rodríguez Ornelas; Alan Jose Espinosa Flores; Adonaí González Anguiano; Eddie Garcia Treto; Carlos Yahrle Saucedo Rodarte; Lucia Andrea Vega Perea; César Osvaldo Acevedo Quiñones; Martha Priscilla Jaime Flores; Sergio Velasquez Rojas; Arely Sarahi Contreras Ortiz; Oliver Tadeo García Saucedo; Naomi; Andrea Meirelles Medina; Brandon Jonathan Diaz Juarez.

So is Juan Carlos Caldera Murillo; Anna Ruth Picasso Campos; Diana Monserrat Soria García; Kerry Fernanda Herrera Casillas; Patricia Abigail Velazquez Felix; Thelma Grizel Silva Echeverria; Cynthia Valeria Samanigo; Isabel Cristina Correa Correa; Kevin Alexi Corral Alvarado; Mauro Salvador Gomez Marín; Juan Antonio Cordova Gonzalez; Emiliano Banda Davila, Dominica Beltrán Delgado, Abraham Smile Cabral Reyes and Claudia Janet Rivas Vargas.

They have all contributed to helping and providing academic support to students who have requested it, which is why the Human Medicine and Health Sciences Academic Unit is proud of their work and invites them to continue contributing to their community in such a proactive and enthusiastic manner. .

At this award ceremony, the person in charge of the corporate mentoring program, Bernice Alejo Mayorga; Academic Secretary of Human Medicine, Elda Araceli García Mayorga; Head of the General Practitioner Degree Program, Lorena Avila Carrasco, and Head of Teaching and Counseling for the General Practitioner Degree, Carolina Diaz Flores. your partner in social media marketing

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