Get to know the actors and actresses in the new release of Gossip Girl


They and they are the actors and actresses that are part of Ejaculate From Reboot From gossip Girl.

We will provide it to you immediately Actors s For actresses From the list From the new version of gossip Girl. although Reboot One of the most successful youth series ever It does not have an official release date yetWe know that It will be sometime in 2021.

When it was announced gossip Girl It will have a new version with the A whole new generation Boys and girls… we were so excited. We know that due to the epidemic, Recordings And therefore , Movie premiere Reboot From GG They are late. But, despite the possibilities, we could have wrapped up with the recordings and we even had a file The first sight From the first photos Turns out. Here We present to you both actors and actresses of the new generation gossip Girl. Look at the first pictures of ZIN MORENO IN gossip Girl!

Thomas Doherty

the actor Thomas Doherty it will be Max Wolf at Reboot From gossip Girl. You might recognize him for participating in a series like High resolution Or a Disney movie Grandchildren 2. it’s a Scottish hunk Not only is he an actor, however She is also a singer He was a friend of the co-star of GrandsonsDove Cameron.

Thomas Doherty is one of the actors who is part of this cast Reboot From gossip Girl. / Photo: Us weekly

Whitney Beck

actress Whitney Beck Will play Zoya Lott. Whitney worked in a series like The adventures of Sabrina are chilling s zombies. This actress was born in Uganda, but raised in Canada, and although we still don’t know for sure, many say it His character in Reboot From gossip Girl It will be equivalent to Serena or Blair from the original version.

Actresses Replay Gossip Girl
Whitney Beck is one of the new cast actresses gossip Girl. / Photo: Popsugar

Emily Allen Lind

Emily Allen Lind She is an American actress and singer who will play the role Audrey Hope at GG. He was in a series like revengeAnd the BlackBerry Code s Criminal mindsAnd also in movies like The secret life of bees s baby sitter. There are rumors confirming this Audrey will be the new Serena van der Woodsen. we will see. Meet Actors and Actors New to elite 4.

Emily Allen Lind
Actress Emily Allen Lind is one of the newest members of the Ejaculate From gossip Girl. / Photo: Street now

Evan Mock is another actor in the new version of gossip Girl

The last of Actors of the new version of gossip Girl is being Evan Mok, Who will play a named character Aquino Menzies. GG It would become Evan’s first acting experience She is also a model. We really want to meet Aki! Czech List of our groups in which homosexual interns are located.

Evan Mok
Evan Mok, first-time actor, is also part of the cast Reboot From GG. / Photo: GQ

Jordan Alexander

Canadian actress and singer, Jordan Alexander, it will be Julian Callaway In the new version of GG. Maybe you selected her to star in a series like Holy lies s Ownbury The Biscuit. We know that, too Your character will be one of the most important characters and you will get one of the Storylines Main at Biology From gossip Girl. These are the actors of the new series of MENUDO.

Actresses Replay Gossip Girl
Jordan Alexander is another actress in the remake of gossip Girl. / Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith is being Monet de Haan at Reboot From gossip Girl And you have to know that he is the last of him Leadership roles. Like her co-star Jordan Alexander, Savannah She is also a singer and songwriter. She does not have much experience as an actress, but she enjoys in the world of dubbing, having voiced many animations. Also, you must know that GG Will become in Her first acting experience.

Savannah Smith
Actress Savannah Smith is part of the cast Reboot From gossip Girl. / Photo: Us weekly

Eli Brown

the actor Eli Brown it will be Otto “Obi” Bergmann at Reboot From gossip Girl. If you are unable to locate Eli, then perhaps we will Dylan Walker played in pretty little Liars You can get an idea of ​​his identity. In addition to appearing in several series, Ellie Brown has also acted in films. Uh! He is also a musician. They are the kind doers of the new version of Ripple.

Actors remake Gossip Girl
Eli Brown is one of the actors in the new version of gossip Girl. / Photo: Us weekly

Zión Moreno is another actress in the new version of gossip Girl

Our beloved Zion Moreno Will play Luna does not In the new HBO series Max. We are proud of this Mexican actress across She succeeds in Hollywood, and despite her short career, she seeks to act in it Netflix series (Control Z) And niche projects gossip Girl. They and they are the trans actors and actors who do this Great moment.

Actresses Replay Gossip Girl
Mexican actress, Zión Moreno, is part of the crew of the remake of gossip Girl. / Photo: Flipboard

Tavi Geffenson

Another actresses from Ejaculate From the new version of gossip Girl is being Taffy Gavinson. You will give life to a character called Kate Keeler. This is the actress that you like fashion He was in other youth series like Scream Queens She was also involved in Reboot From Twilight Zone. Learn the actors and actresses who look like today Fun!

Tavi Geffenson
Actress Tavi Gevenson is also part of the cast GG. / Photo: Neighborhood

The Reboot From gossip Girl it will be A completely different story from the original one and will have new characters. But certainly It will not lose its essenceWell, there will also be a mystery and you probably won’t be able to trust any of the characters. You know too gossip Girl. We will be on the lookout for When the official release date is announced (We can see it on HBO MaxWe’ll write it down in our calendar because we’re not going to pass it on to the world. Meeting and falling in love with actors Board School: Summits.

Did you already know all the actors and actresses of the new version of gossip Girl?

With information from IMDB s Harper’s Bazaar

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