Giving smiles on wheels – Gaceta Dental

Giving smiles on wheels – Gaceta Dental
Giving smiles on wheels – Gaceta Dental
Photos courtesy of Dentistas Sobre Ruedas.

Dentists on Wheels (DSR), since its birth in 2005, has attended thousands of people at risk of social exclusion in Mauritania, Senegal, Haiti and Spain. His work currently focuses on three initiatives: the Adama in Massira Project, Senegal; Dental Clinic Coloma Vidal Solidarity in Palma de Mallorca, Spain; and the Sonrisas Sobre Ruedas outreach project in Senegal and Spain.

Dentists on Wheels (DSR) is a non-profit organization It consists of dentists, health professionals and volunteers from various sectors, the main purpose of which is to Organizing and coordinating projects that contribute to improving health in generaland oral in particular– Of those people who do not have sufficient resources to obtain “decent health services”, as defined in Dr. Alfonso Jaume Campomar, President and Founder of the NGO.

This is what the DSR Foundation holds 15 years of caring for the health of people at risk of social exclusion in Africa. Starting from its origins with trucks equipped with dental clinics, it now carries out its business at the headquarters of The Adama Project on the Move (Senegal). It also works in Coloma Vidal Solidarity Dental Clinic in Palma (Mallorca), help vulnerable groups. While, through the project Smiles on wheelsIt works to educate the population about the importance of oral hygiene, concern for the environment, and the importance of sports and culture.

The main requirement for cooperation as a DSR volunteer is to have at least two years of experience in this sector or to work under the supervision of a veteran.

The NGO carried out Over 80,000 oral treatments between Palma Walk Mallorca is able to completely change people’s lives in vulnerable situations.


For DSR, the greatest reward for her work is the satisfaction of contributing a grain of sand to make the world a fairer place and highlights iThe importance of the bonds that develop between volunteers.

The NGO has performed more than 80,000 oral treatments between the Palma (Mallorca) march

a Annual average of 100 dental professionals, among the assistants, dentists and dentists, participate as volunteers in the Dentists on Wheels initiatives. «The characteristics of volunteers in the field of dentistry, despite their distinction People aged 25-45 and professionals aged 60-70 who are close to retirement. It should be noted that among the volunteers womanDr. Alfonso Jaume Campomar explains.

To participate, volunteers contact the NGO through DSR website template. The main requirement for cooperation is to have at least two years of experience in the sector or work under the supervision of a veteran.

In 2020, the arrival of the pandemic was a challenge for NGOs, but solidarity faced the coronavirus and a total of 15 volunteers traveled to Senegal.

DSR has Cooperation agreements with different universities in Granada and Dakar. In addition, it has signed an agreement with the Institute of Professional Enterprises (IPE) in Senegal to host interns in the field of prosthodontics.

But, How can treatment costs be paid? organization accept Financial donations from private dental clinics and prosthetics laboratories. s Cooperating with city halls, banks, private companies and laboratories that offer Donations and medical supplies.

Adama project

Specifically, the Adama project is falls in marchA village in the Tobakota district of Fatik district in Senegal. It was decided to establish the project in this African enclave because it is neither in the neighboring towns nor in the town of Masirah There was no dentist. In 2016, the local authorities donated the land to the DSR and two years later, the local authorities donated «Academy of Dentistry – DSR Health House».

For DSR, the greatest reward is to provide granite from sand to make the world a fair place

Thus, “Patients waiting to receive care at the Missirah DSR Medical Home-Dental Academy arrive in pain and have few options to save many of their teeth. Therefore, it is essential that Participation of prosthetics specialists, since then Need to replace a large number of parts“,” says the head of the DSR.

in a Senegal the star cure Within dentistry is extraction, followed by seals and some root canals. Although she also exercises Endodontic treatments, periodontal treatment, reservation, prosthetic resin, surgeries, etc.

Taking into account the population and health needs of the community, the Foundation launched iIntegrating professionals from other disciplines, health and non-health. In addition to dental technicians and volunteer experts at General medicine, optometry, education, prevention and awareness, waste treatment, audiovisual work, translators, etc.

The project is very well received by the locals “They love us, the feeling is mutual and we have a great local team thanks to which we can do everything we do,” he says. Dr. Campomar.

In 2021, the number of groups was expanded to be able to serve for most of the year, as the project had previously only been implemented in November. In total, they have evolved 11 initiatives with help More than 70 volunteers.

The NGO has accumulated experience in developing projects to promote hygiene, health and education at the international level.

The growth of the working groups has also led to the scaling up of projects in Senegal. Last year, for the first time, two campaigns were developed in collaboration with Elena Barraquer Foundation who have operated on more than 130 people for cataracts.

Coloma Vidal Solidarity Dental Clinic

Coloma Vidal Solidarity Dental Clinic is one of the initiatives of dentists on wheels and is Located in Palma (Mallorca). Since the end of 2014, when it started its full operation, it has served 6200 patients And they made 28000 treatments.

“With the support of the Official College of Dentists of the Balearic Islands, we have decided to launch the first solidarity dental clinic in the Balearic Islands,” explains Dr. Campomar.

The patients belong to 36 municipalities and 20 social bodies. In addition, DSR has a cooperation agreement with four educational centers to host trainees. To identify patients, we work with them Social services of municipalities and social entities From all over the island, who are referring patients to us,” says the island’s head.

The project targets those who have Insufficient financial resources To bear the traditional dentist who Treatments are not covered by Social Securityto.

In Senegal, the main goal is to use brushing as a preventative for tooth decay and other oral diseases in the march population.

In 2020, due to the impact of the pandemic, the clinic was closed for a month and a half and had to reduce its ability to comply with the new regulations. As a result, the number of patients seen decreased in 2020 compared to the previous two years.

«The difficult economic situation caused by COVID-19 health crisis cause a Increase in people at risk of social exclusion who need oral care. The waiting list for treatment is five months,” Dr. Campomar explains his concern about the situation.

The health crisis is causing an increase in the number of people at risk of social exclusion who need oral care

Smiles on wheels

Smiles On Wheels is a project that is part of the DSR and tries it Raising awareness about oral health In Senegal and Mallorca with professionals from the field of education and dentistry.

“We create activities to educate residents about the importance of hygiene and health and teach healthy living guidelines,” says the DSR chief.

in a African country The main goal is Brushing as a preventative method for tooth decay and other oral diseases Of the residents of the march.

To do this, they organize orientation talks in schools, toothbrushes are donated at school and classroom brushing is monitored.

in a Mallorca The methodology used Conversations in all classrooms It adapts to different levels of education through audio-visual exhibitions and various activities.

future plans

Next year, dentists will start on wheels In cooperation in Uganda with Ruta de la Luz, Destino Uganda and Petits Detalls.

The goal is Provide visual feedback reviews, later Delivering eyeglasses to people without resources. The initiative stems from the good past experience of the current DSR Visual and Music Coordinator, Myriam Portela.

DSR completes expansion project for COLOMA VIDAL SOLIDARITY dental clinic in the Balearic Islands

“Illusion is the basis of all new endeavors; This is how it all began in Senegal and in this spirit we started this new adventure in Uganda,” says Dr. Kambumar.
In addition, DSR is finalizing an expansion project for the Coloma Vidal Solidarity Dental Clinic in the Balearic Islands.

Solidarity in the face of adversity

DSR . FoundationExperiment Dr. Alfonso Jaume Campomar As a volunteer starts the year 2005 When, by Doctor. Christian Martin VargasFounder of the NGO Dentistas Sobre Ruedas. The dentist reported having performed a large number of dental interventions in countries such as Mauritania, Haiti and Senegal. “The greatest reward is the satisfaction of contributing a grain of sand to make the world a fairer place,” he explains.

Currently, the NGO serves the most vulnerable groups in dental clinics in Palma (Mallorca, Spain) and in Messira (Senegal). Volunteering is critical to all projectsCampomar says, “The human quality of the people who make up DSR in its various projects is the common denominator and key to the success of all the activities carried out.”

The arrival of the pandemic was a challenge for dentists on wheels. However, Solidarity was able to overcome adversity, and in 2020 a total of 15 volunteers traveled to the march. This year, the NGO intends to expand its scope of work and will conduct cooperation in Uganda.

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