Golden Globes 2021: The movies and series you must watch


Leslie Odom, Jr. “Hamilton”.

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Awards season is near and movie and TV fans are already preparing to see who will be the most famous of the year. Last February 3 They made themselves known Candidates for Golden balls And if you haven’t seen all of the award winning products, we leave some for you that you can’t afford to lose track of.

1. The Father

the father It is adapted from the play “The Father,” the comedy-drama film in which the story is told of how Anthony tries to find out what is happening with his daughter trapped in a maze of questions. They are representing Anthony HopkinsOlivia Coleman, Rufus Sewell and Mark Gates.

2. Mank

This black and white movie tells the story of how screenwriter Hermann Mankiewicz deals with his alcohol problems. It also shows the reality of Hollywood in the 1930s, and they represent: Be GaryAmanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, and Tobence Middleton

3. Nomadland

This movie tells about a Nevada woman who started her journey across the western United States in her caravan and decided to start her nomadic life away from social norms. They represent: Frances McDormandDavid Strathern, Charlene Swanky, Bob Wells, Peter Spears.

4. The Chicago Trial 7

The story takes place in the year 1969 as the federal government accused seven people of plotting and producing protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. In it they act Sacha Baron CohenEddie Redmayne, Jeremy Strong, and Mark Rylance.

5. Borate 2

This comic / satirical movie is a continuation of Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial debut film. After his release by the government of Kazakhstan, Borat He risks his life and returns to the United States with his 15-year-old daughter. Starring: Sacha Baron-Cohen W. Maria Bacalova.

6. Hamilton

This musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Photographed by: David Digges, Lynn Manuel Miranda, Jonathan Grove, Leslie Odom Jr., Ariana Debus.

7. Music

Produced by singer Sia, this dramatic film tells the story of how Zoe takes care of his sister Music, a teenager with autism. After his grandmother dies, Zu struggles with this new responsibility as he receives help from a neighbor. Photographed by: Maddy Ziegler, Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr.

8. Palm Springs

This movie tells the story of Nyles and Sarah going to Tale and Abe’s wedding, but when they enter a cave that emits a strange light, they discover they are trapped in time and Little by little they fall in love While suffering from repeat the same day. Stars: Andy Samberg, Christine Miliotti, Camilla Mendes, Tyler Huichlin.

9. The prom

The movie tells the story of a group of Broadway stars who revolutionized the town of Indiana in defense of a teenage girl who wants to go to a prom with her friend. Translated by: James CordenAnd the Meryl StreepJoe Ellen Bellman Ariana GrandAndrew Runnels LLC Nicole Kidman.

10. The crown

The Netflix series was one of the favorites of the past year after being included in its story Princess Diana, Now with Six nominations It is one of my favorites to sweep awards. Historical drama depicts the reign of Elizabeth II and with four seasons now it has covered all the drama of the royal family.

11. Chet Creek

The first Canadian comedy series He received five nominations this year. With six seasons, they have managed to maintain interest in their viewers. The story tells of a wealthy Rose family who were forced to rebuild their lives from a town called Schitt’s Creek.

12. Ozark

An American web TV production it took Four nominations. The drama of Three Seasons strikes the perfect balance between action and mystery.

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