Google has removed one of the best features of Chromecast

Google has removed one of the best features of Chromecast

Android 12, the new version of Google’s operating system, comes with limitations that may be related to a legal patent issue between Mountain View and Sonos. It seems the possibility Chromecast volume control Via smartphone is no longer available.

Google Chromecast owners have started reporting the ‘bug’ through the forum IssueTracker When their devices received Android 12, which was It was officially launched last October. However, the ability to adjust the volume remotely appears to have been discontinued since the beta versions. Initially, Google stated that it was intentionally deactivated, and confirmed that it will be activated again in the next beta versions. Now, a company employee confirms it Restricted due to ‘legal issue’.

Sorry for the trouble.
We didn’t want to make such a bad change, but we had to do it to address a legal issue.
We have worked on a fix to mitigate the situation, and it will be included in 12.1.

The feature continues to appear in the interface, but faint, so it cannot be used. It is not known, at the moment, whether Google will activate it again or implement a new function for controlling the media player through a smartphone.

Is this one of the patents that Google allegedly stole from Sonos?

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