A TV ad confirms the new features and details of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 – Nintenderos


The truth is Animal Crossing: New Horizons It suffered a major content drought in the past year, and it didn’t appear on many Nintendo Directs before the last announcement. In addition to frustration with the lack of objectives in the game, disruption of progress and continued interest from players, which led to many people leaving the game.

Fortunately, Nintendo Direct of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that happened on October 15 confirmed the arrival New in-game features for November 5th.

Well, the YouTube channel of Chanel Cross I recently shared a video that you’re participating in More details about this update. We leave them below with the video:

  • A new advertisement appears on TV in Germany confirming that our neighbors will be able to visit the El Alpiste cafeteria run by Figaro. More dialogues from our villagers have also been confirmed.
  • It seems that the museum will not have any kind of modernization in its external appearance.
  • The ad also shows villagers cooking with appliances that can be used for new recipes. In the Happy Home Paradise downloadable content, we can spend the new Poki coin we have earned to use different tools.
  • New things like camping table, stove, etc. can be seen.
  • In a video, Tendo and Nendo, along with other villagers, are shown exercising and wearing new clothes.
  • The Paid DLC It can also be obtained if we purchase a Switch Online Expansion Pass.
  • The update adds a newspaper to the island and tells us interesting things, like the villagers who visit our island every day and will help us figure out how to unlock new creatures.

We will definitely discover more interesting details when the address is updated in a few days, so we will stay updated to inform you of any news that arises in this regard.

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