How to install WhatsApp chats on iOS, Android and WhatsApp Web


Just think about the number of messages that arrive in your chat rooms per day. The WhatsApp And the priority level you assign to some of those conversations, causing an important topic to get lost in a heap instant messages. In order to get these talks For those who do not want to lose track, the function comment Chats With it you will first see your list of conversations and see the most recent messages there and you will be able to quickly enter to type one.

With a good possibility, you will have more than one conversation on your WhatsApp, among which one you use the most and which you should have easy access, especially when you receive many messages from many different people.


With this tool, your most important conversations will appear at the top of your chat list, and send the rest of the conversations to appear after your last favorites.

The other contacts you have a conversation with will be sorted based on the most recent activity, but always in the background regarding the conversations you have set on your WhatsApp screen. That is why you can close the conversations of those people with whom you keep in constant contact and do not want to miss among the other conversations that can wait.

It doesn’t matter if you are using Android or iOS or if you are accessing from WhatsApp Web. (Pixabay)

This functionality only puts a limitation, which is that in most static chats, you can only have three conversations so you don’t saturate that home screen and end up counterproductive. This means that if you have already set three chats and you have one that requires your attention, you must remove one of those already set and open the vacancy for the new chat mode to assign it.

To start using this practical function, the procedure will depend on the type of device you are using to access your WhatsApp application:


If your cell phone is a file Iphone You can do this easily by opening the WhatsApp application to enter the Chats section of the main window.

Find that conversation you expected in the view and swipe it to the right to see the options. Choose the Pin icon to activate the Pin feature.


From the OS version of google browser In a few seconds you will get to start setting up that chat you don’t want to miss:

Open WhatsApp on your cell phone and go to the Chats section of your main window. From there, you’ll select the conversations you want to always remain visible at the top and highlight one by one by just clicking on them.

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When you see the options, choose the one with a pin and that particular conversation will be created as a favourite.

WhatsApp Web

Also from the WhatsApp Web computer version you can set and remove different conversations, so that when they are synced with the main device, they are updated on the rest of the devices you use.

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What you need to do is to enter your tab WhatsApp Web in a Browser And from the list of your chats that you find on the left side, you will locate the chat you want to freeze by right-clicking with the cursor to display a list where it is selected set chat.

With that said, that related conversation will instantly go to the top of your window so that it stays in one place even if there has been no activity for a while so you don’t have to search for it in the future.

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