Grupo Provida seeks jail time for medical student and doctor in Puebla for “promoting abortion”


A law student, with a group that identifies itself as Provida, is seeking to imprison a medical student from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUEAP) and a doctor for allegedly “encouraging an abortion.”

But this group, under the hashtag #AbortoClandestinoBUAP, has published personal information and faces of the student and the doctor, causing them to become victims of threats and harassment, and activists denounce.

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Student Christer Espino reported on his Twitter account that on April 9, the official complaint against student Kiana “N” and Doctor Aissata “N” was submitted to the Puebla Public Prosecutor’s Office for the “crime of abortion.”

Activists and some students condemned incriminating attacks.

The student is accused of belonging to the Med Prochoice (Medicine for the Right to Decide) network after she recommended her social networks to go to this organization to receive information about safe abortion.

The group that filed the complaint demands the university The student is expelled To work with Dr. Aissata “N”, of Med Prochoice, who, according to her, disseminates information to perform clandestine abortions.

Faced with the accusations, the doctor posted Video In it she presented herself as a surgeon for six years and as founder of Med Prochoice, dedicated to giving Accompany those seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

According to public information, Med Prochoice is made up of a group of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and qualified volunteers or undergraduates who support legalizing abortion by providing adequate information and support.

Feminist groups are demanding that both the doctor and the student stop criminalizing and stop publishing their faces and personal data, because it is incorrect that they are part of a “criminal network for secret abortions.”

“It would be a crime if you had an abortion, which is not something that happens with an attendant. You are not having an abortionThe feminist organization Morras Help Morras told the media AJ + Spanish.

In different parts of the country, there are feminist organizations and gatherings dedicated to providing accompaniment and disseminating information about safe abortion at home, especially with the correct use of misoprostol to interrupt pregnancy, with recommendations based on the standards approved by the World Abortion Organization. Health (World Health Organization).

To date, only Mexico City and the state of Oaxaca have agreed to the legal suspension of pregnancy for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy without a specific reason to do so. In Puebla, abortion is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

The Puebla Conference kicked off Monday, April 5, the Parliament’s open session on “sexual and reproductive rights”, where the legalization of abortion is debated.

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The charge Grupo Provida seeks jail time for medical student and doctor in Puebla for “promoting abortion” It first appeared in Political animal.

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