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Healthcare is one of the most common goals for Tampican residents, and it is a need that has become more apparent with the spread of the current epidemic.

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In Tampico, the option to maintain the body in the best conditions is the aqua gym Ha house, Which has been operating in the city since 2019 allowing Tampicans to improve their quality of life and reactivate through workouts using underwater devices such as treadmills, monoblocks, trampolines, bike and other activities such as water fighting where they use gloves to do exercises inspired by boxing and karate.

Jose Alberto Herrera, Aquatics gym coach Ha house, Commented that these exercises can be done by anyone and here the related thing is that you can achieve different health goals, because people can lose weight or get active, also gain mobility or de-stress, all those people who have a goal Healthy Every person adapts their exercises according to their requirements.

“We have two schedules in the morning and afternoon, the schedule in the morning from Monday to Saturday from 10 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon, and from Monday to Friday from 7 in the evening until 10 in the evening, every hour the semester begins and lasts for 45 minutes, and this is more than Sufficient to work the whole body, from the arm, leg, abdomen and back. “

Alberto Herrera explained that for being a water gym, the number one benefit is that it does not harm your joints, because water acts as a protector due to the weightlessness it provides.

“The resistance that water generates provides a different dynamic to the exercises on the ground, because the treadmill in all directions in which it moves must replace an amount of water, and this creates resistance,” he said.

He explained that “other characteristics such as the forces of buoyancy where you have to submerge the dumbbells that float in the water and you have to put the force between your arms to be able to move them, and the pulling equipment in combination with the devices generate a burning of calories. As for the exercise, we do not feel the effort once we enter inside,” In addition to the exercise movement in the pool, it is a hydromassage that relaxes the body while exercising. “

He mentioned that many clients go to the water gym on the recommendation of their doctor, swimming also helps, but when swimming, resistance to progress in swimming methods is avoided, and in this case it is not, resistance is used to strengthen and work in balance, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility and all the characteristics of exercise that strengthen the body.

“There is a certified trainer who adjusts the exercise for each person, depending on what they need and checks that they do the exercise well until the expected result is obtained,” said Jose Alberto Herrera.

  • Location: Clavel # 103 Colonel Jardin, Tampico.
  • Contact: 833-1378042

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