Harvard University has launched a course to learn architecture from scratch, and it is 100% free and online – Enséñame de Ciencia

Harvard University has launched a course to learn architecture from scratch, and it is 100% free and online – Enséñame de Ciencia

It has been revealed that architecture, an ancient art that goes beyond the mere construction of buildings, is an exciting and relevant field in the current landscape. newly,Harvard X Launched a course that can't be missed,”“Architectural imagination” Participants are immersed in the basic principles of the discipline, both as an academic subject and as a professional profession.

Over 10 weeks, this free course offers an in-depth exploration of some of the most important buildings in history, providing a unique view of architecture as a cultural expression and technical achievement.

Here I present to you the details of the course programme:

Part One: Form and History

Unit One: Architectural Imagination: Introduction

Exploring the concept of architectural imagination.

Introduction to perspective drawing and architectural classification.

Unit Two: Reading Architecture: Column and Wall

Analysis of the main architectural elements.

Deepen reading of architectural structures.

Unit 3: Hegel and Architectural History

Examines Hegel's influence on architectural history.

Addresses the challenges associated with writing architectural history.

Unit 4: Aldo Rossi and classification

Exploring the work of Aldo Rossi and his focus on architectural typology.

Part Two: The impact of technology

Unit 5: The Crystal Palace: Infrastructure and details

Analysis of Crystal Palace and its relationship to infrastructure.

Explore important architectural details.

Unit Six: The dialectics of glass and steel

Reflections on the relationship between glass and steel in architecture.

Consider dialectics in architectural design.

Unit Seven: Tamed Technology: Le Corbusier's Machines for Life

Study of habitable machines designed by Le Corbusier.

Thinking about how technology can transform the concept of architecture.

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Part Three: Representation and Context

Unit 8: Drawing Utopia: Wise Architecture in the Eighteenth Century

Exploring 18th century architecture through drawing.

Understanding architectural utopia.

Unit 9: Pompidou Center in Paris

Analysis of the Pompidou Center and its relationship with the city of Paris.

Consider contemporary architecture and its urban context.

Unit 10: Presenting what cannot be represented

Thinking about architectural representation and its limits.

Exploring architectural concepts beyond traditional representation.

the opportunity

This course is not only an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of architecture, but it also represents an open window to understanding how this discipline influences and reflects the deepest values ​​of society. Architecture, with its ability to shape culture and history, has been revealed as an essential element in shaping the world around us.

This course provides the tools to appreciate and engage with the richness of architecture, making it an enriching experience for anyone interested in this timeless art.

Course link: You can register and access Architectural imagination course From Harvard University

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