Harvard University launches free video game development and home learning course – Teach Me About Science

Harvard University launches free video game development and home learning course – Teach Me About Science

One of the favorite hobbies for children and adults is video games, which can range from the simplest such as Tetris to the more complex in terms of design and animation such as Fortnite and the like. Each of them was created thanks to different programming languages ​​and other software that makes their correct implementation possible.

Can you imagine creating your own video games without having to pay any money? Well, now you can make that a reality, with the course that we are going to share with you today, taught by the prestigious Harvard University in the United States, so pay attention.

What are the benefits of playing video games?

Playing video games can provide various mental and cognitive health benefits. They stimulate concentration and speed of decision making, improve hand-eye coordination and enhance strategic skills. Additionally, video games with complex plots and challenges promote critical thinking and problem solving. Engaging in virtual experiences can also serve as an escape and reduce stress by providing entertainment and a sense of accomplishment. Social interaction in online games contributes to building communities and friendships. However, it is necessary to balance play time with other activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In short, video games, when enjoyed in moderation, can be an entertaining and beneficial form of mental stimulation and social connection.

About the video game development course

“HarvardX: A CS50 Introduction to Game Development,” from EdX

This course is hosted on the prestigious EdX learning platform under the name Harvard X: CS50 Introduction to Game Development, is taught at Harvard University. The goal of the training is for students to learn about interactive 2D and 3D game development in this hands-on course, while exploring the design of games like Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, Angry Birds, and more.

This training is 100% online (you don’t need to leave home to learn), and requires a 12-week investment to complete the entire curriculum (6 to 9 hours per week recommended). Another important aspect is that it has a flexible schedule (you can progress at your own pace and adjust it according to your schedules) and the best thing is that it is free.

How can you register for the course?

To access this course, simply click on the direct link Harvard X: CS50 Introduction to Game Development, Register and start learning.

What topics are covered in this training?

This course will study the designs of various video games for children, such as:

Super Mario Bros


Flapping bird

go ahead

Match 3

Legend of Zelda

Angry birds


3D helicopter game

Halls of horror


What will you learn with this course?

Through lectures and hands-on projects, the course explores the principles of 2D and 3D graphics, animation, audio and collision detection using frameworks such as Loneliness and love 2DIn addition to languages ​​such as Lua and C#. By the end of the course, you will have programmed several of your own games and gained a deep understanding of the basics of game design and development. With the knowledge you’ve gained, you’ll be able to create many of the video games you’ve always dreamed of.

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