RAE has added new words to the dictionary, find out what they are and catch up – teach me about science

RAE has added new words to the dictionary, find out what they are and catch up – teach me about science

The highest authority on the Spanish language is, without a doubt, the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, which was founded in 1713 and has so far issued numerous editions of its dictionary. In the latest update released in November 2023, a series of new words were added, which are very important in various fields of knowledge and social issues.

Today we will talk with you about these updates and their impact on the Spanish language, so pay close attention.

What are the latest words that RAE has added to its dictionary?

the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) Announced on November 28, 2023, 286 new words have been added to Spanish dictionary. These words reflect the development of language and the integration of new concepts and phenomena into society.

The most prominent words are the following:

Berrio: A dance of Dominican origin characterized by its sensual and provocative movements.

-Kryptonite: A fictional substance that is the weakness of the superhero Superman.

-Bracket: A classification system used in athletic or academic competitions.

– Homelessness: the condition of someone who has no shelter.

– Non-binary: a person who does not identify with either the male or female gender.

Other notable words are:

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-Alien: An extraterrestrial being.

-Balcony: The practice of jumping from the balcony or balcony into the swimming pool or the sea.

-VAR: Abbreviation for Video Arbitration, which is a technological system used in football to review referees’ decisions.

-Macherolo: A sexist, misogynist, and violent man.

– Big Data: A collection of huge data that requires new analysis techniques to process it.

– Cookie: A file that is stored on a user’s computer when they visit a web page.

RAE also incorporated new meanings to existing words, e.g “Kombango” (a bunch of sausages) Or “saltation” (Sausage made from lean and fat-free pork). In addition, it has updated the definition of words like “influential” (a person with a large number of followers on social networks) or “cybercrime” (crime committed online).

Analyze new words

New words included in the dictionary Ray in 2023 They reflect a series of trends in the development of the Spanish language. First, we see the incorporation of words related to technology and computing, such as “big data,” “cookie,” or “VAR.” These words reflect the increasing importance of technology in our society.

Secondly, the incorporation of words related to popular culture and current society is observed, such as “perreo”, “Alien” or “machirulo”. These words reflect the social and cultural changes taking place today.

Third, the incorporation of words related to diversity and inclusion, such as “non-binary” or “homelessness,” is noted. These words reflect the growing interest in diversity and inclusion in society.

As you can see, the new words being incorporated into the RAE dictionary in 2023 are a reflection of the evolution of the Spanish language and the social and cultural changes that are currently taking place.

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