Health and Well-Being for Communities – El Heraldo de Aguascalientes

Health and Well-Being for Communities – El Heraldo de Aguascalientes

Aurora Jiménez Esquivel, president of the state’s DIF system, announced the implementation of the “Salud y Bienestar” program, which has provided training and nutritional support to more than 8,000 people in 32 communities across the state.

He stated that this strategy is in line with one of the main goals of Governor Terry Jimenez, which is to improve the living conditions of the population in need in the state.

The director of the State System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family confirmed that groups of women have been established in highly marginalized areas, which participate in workshops and personal training.

In addition, they are provided with household appliances to facilitate household chores and improve their living conditions. Currently, 693 women are part of these developmental groups.

Rita Veronica Cruz Medina, Director General of DIF Government, emphasized that the main goal of the program is to provide support to the communities most in need and bring DIF Government services closer to those who need them most.

In addition to food support, training is provided on topics such as self-management organization, solidarity economy and sustainable living spaces, among others.

Aurora Jiménez Esquivel thanked the collaboration between the women of the development groups and the Directorate of Community Development of the DIF, because thanks to their joint work it is possible to reach the most remote and needy areas of the state.

The “Salud y Bienestar” program is a sample of the Aguascalientes government’s commitment to improving the quality of life for those who need it most. Through concrete actions such as these, it seeks to promote the development and well-being of all people in the country.

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