Her boyfriend left her mid-flight and her strange reaction on the plane was out of the movie

Her boyfriend left her mid-flight and her strange reaction on the plane was out of the movie

The decision to end a romantic relationship is usually not taken lightly. There are several factors to consider, such as the clearest method Explain the reasons for the breakup and the emotionality of the other person. However, a young man went further and chose Such an inopportune moment, that it completely upset his partner. The news was passed on to him during Both of them were traveling at over 10,000 feet in an airplane. The rest of the passengers and crew witnessed this bitter farewell, and it was so startling that it went viral.

The video only lasts about 36 seconds, but the difficult situation seems to have had more of an impact on the plane. In the pictures you can see angry woman uttering loud, incomprehensible screams, While crew members and flight security agents try to control him.

A woman has lost control of a plane after her boyfriend broke up with her

The moment was captured by another rider and was recently shared on an account Tik Tok @traveltmz. In a few days, it has already exceeded 14.5 million views. “He broke up with her mid-flight‘, reads the description of the photos, as the girl’s screams are heard. On her knees on the ground, the involuntary protagonist of the passage refuses to walk elsewhere from the plane, while surprised expressions of tantrum can be heard in the background.

In the final seconds of the sequence, the woman violently approaches another passenger in a row of seats at the front of the plane, but it is not clear if it is her now-ex-partner or someone else. Disrupting order on a transport, physically assaulting someone, or disobeying crew instructions can be a crime, so he may also face charges for his response.

Among the comments of the spectators who stood up They applauded because her boyfriend chose a plane to protect his safety. If she reacts like this in front of the whole crew, I don’t even want to think about how I would respond if they were aloneOne commented, “I think he fears for his safety.” “I can not imagine Why would I want to break up with her? She looks beautiful!Another user added sarcastically. Other comments asked not to draw conclusions without context: “It’s easy to judge, but No one knows what trauma may have occurred [la joven] to act like this.”

The photo sequence doesn’t say much about the context of the situation. In the legend, it was specified that this was the “first part”, and therefore the members of the virtual community who saw it also They concluded that there would be more explanations.

The images show the daring movement of the passenger, who tried at least three times to move the plastic curtain

A tiktoker shares an embarrassing row over a plane blind

Although this situation is strange due to the context of a love breakup, Air travel is full of annoying situations. Recently, a conflict has arisen on a smaller scale when One passenger attempted to tamper with another person’s window. tired of the attitude of the neighbor, The man decided to take “revenge”. This fact has been widely commented on by social network users in another viral video.


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