Holy Tuesday: The day Jesus presented the betrayal of Judas

On Holy Tuesday, Jesus predicted that Judas would betray him. Photo: quartoscorro

although Great Tuesday It is not a day that is part of the most important celebrations Holy week, In the Catholic religion, this day corresponds to a related passage of Scripture and the life of Jesus before his crucifixion.

in a Unotv.com We tell you why this day is important.

According to the Catholic religion, the Great Tuesday It precedes the most symbolic days in Holy Week (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday), But although it is not part of what is known as the Passover Triad, this day corresponds to the occasion on which Jesus made an important revelation to his disciples.

Holy Tuesday: Jesus expected Judas to betray him

In the Bible, the Holy Tuesday Jesus expected to his disciples that Judas would betray him, and also that Saint Peter would deny him. This is what this passage says in the Bible:

“I assure you that one of you will hand me over.”
The pupils looked at each other in bewilderment, without knowing who was being told. One of them, whom Jesus loved so much, was leaning on the table beside his chest. Simon Boutros invited him to find out who was saying this. Then he leaned on Jesus’ chest and asked him:
– “O Lord, who is he?”
Jesus answered:
– “To whom I give this piece of bread.”
He smeared the bread and gave it to Judah son of Simon Iscariot. And behind the bread, Satan entered him. So Jesus said to him:
– “What you have to do, do it right away.”
None of the table knew what he meant. Since Judas kept the bag, some assumed that Jesus had commanded him to buy what was necessary for the feast or to give something to the poor. After Judas took the bread, he departed at once.

Part of the gospel of Holy Tuesday.

What does the church advise to do on Holy Tuesday?

When talking about celebrations Holy WeekGenerally, one thinks of Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but this observance also includes Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These three days give believers an opportunity to “live the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus”.

the gate Of faith He explains that Holy Tuesday is a day for believers “to feed their soul by maintaining inner silence,” as well as to follow the celebrations that are practiced in the parishes of their community.

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