People play next to an erupting volcano; The video is now spreading fast


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In social networks, we can find videos of all kinds, and that goes From the funniest to the most impressive, Like the case of the hugely popular video where a group of people was captured at the moment They were playing volleyball in front of an erupting volcano In Iceland.

The Icelandic volcano on Mount Fagradalsfjall in Geldingsdalir has been dormant for 6,000 years, but erupted on March 19. Since then, it has become the new tourist spot in the country People come to see the lava in action.

Root Einarsdottir is a 28-year-old woman who is a project manager at the National Youth Council of Iceland, and was one of the people who ventured to visit the volcano early in the morning to see the spectacular views at sunrise.

On his way he encountered a group of men and women carelessly playing volleyball as the volcano released molten lava a few meters away; For this reason, he decided to record the strange scene on video, and after sharing it on social networks, it quickly went viral.

Have you seen an impressive scene? There is no doubt that nature is amazing and always gives us landscapes that seem out of this world for such amazing beauty as this amazing volcano.

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