“Hombres G features about 20 songs that never age”

“Hombres G features about 20 songs that never age”

The band’s next album, “La Esquina de Rowland”, will be released on October 8 and will be presented on October 11 at the Prince Philip Pavilion in Zaragoza. What could possibly go ahead with this album, which they are promoting as the “most J-man” of all?

The truth is that this album is very special, above all, because of the conditions in which it was produced, because we have benefited from the terrible confinement of the epidemic. We’ve had a very strong tour on hold before, with trips to the US and Mexico, and we had to put everything off, so I took advantage of that predicament to compose new songs. The result was fourteen well-kept songs, with all the time in the world to improve the lyrics, change structures and then record with the boys in my house, together more than ever. I think we made a beautiful album, because it’s an album that was built without a rush, which is not the usual thing, and I’m looking forward to hearing from the fans because it’s, at least, the best album we’ve made on this one. century.

-On the other hand, the repertoire of the tour in which they immersed themselves includes some of the themes from the new album but the threads, above all, the great hymns of Hombres G. How is the dialogue of all these phases?

– At the moment, we are playing two songs from the new album: My Heart Comes Out and Roland’s Corner, but since the album’s release, we will provide the rest. Now, at concerts, she says, we play a selection of the best songs of our entire life. In this sense, we have a problem, which is that we have about twenty base songs that we can never remove from the reference and that leaves little room for new additions. But all the songs talk so well with each other because I think they share a common point: they don’t age.

What do you say is the key to not getting old and still falling into the new generations?

– It’s incredible because even the oldest of them, like Sufre, mamón, Venecia or Marta, have a pacemaker, they don’t age. I think it’s because, back then, we escaped that trendy ’80s sound and tried to do something different. The result is that the songs never seem to age and we see a twelve-year-old boy listening to suffering, the lollipop and its effect on him just as it affected the twelve-year-old boy in 1985. So we can never stop playing it, Because people will never forgive us.

For future projects, on August 6, he began shooting for the musical film Hombres G, I’m Going to Have a Good Time, directed by David Serrano. next to nothing.

-next to nothing. The plot is the story of thirteen-year-old children in the eighties – used for filming now, that there is no school – and who later meet again in the 2000s, as adults. But I can’t talk more about the controversy, because they’re killing me. Yes, I can say that it is a very beautiful and very sweet story, with a lot of humor, braided with Hombres G songs. Its style is similar to that of La la land or Mamma Mia! , in the sense that it’s not a biography of Men G, but a story told in our songs.

– Its upcoming premiere 2022 coincides with the band’s fortieth anniversary. Are there other surprises waiting for us to celebrate this anniversary?

– Of course, we will have a special tour for the 40th anniversary, but the film will be a great event because it is a co-production with Mexico, so we will be shown in theaters in Spain, Mexico and the United States, so it will affect our audience in Spain but also internationally. If all goes well, the film will be released in June 2022 and we are very excited, as co-producers of the project and as part of the team through the soundtrack.

– What is your balance for these almost four decades on stage, and you are, in addition, the same as the original four members of the troupe?

– Well, I could give you a huge cover (laughs) about everything we’ve been through, but I’ll sum it up with: “I still had a great time.” When I started I was 17 and my goal was to have fun, because I didn’t even think this was going to be my career. But enjoyment has always been mandatory. The four of us together because the four of us are happy, because we are like brothers. If you think about it, we’ve lived our whole lives together, and we’ve even lived more with the four of us than we have with our families. Therefore, the group unit is very powerful and our way of working is very simple because we do very well. Then days pass, months, years, and suddenly, forty years pass. And it was as I told you: do nothing more than laugh and enjoy life, and travel the world, and play, and sing; In short, what we like. I consider myself a very special person and every day I am thankful for the life I have. NS

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