Honduras meets Granada and leads Group D in the Gold Cup


Houston, United States

Honduras national team He did not fail in favoritism and beat Granada 4-0 in the first appearance of Gold Cup 2021.

The first three points were to lead Group D as Teams from Panama and Qatar tied 3-3 In what many considered the best match of the first round of the competition.

In addition, Uruguay’s Fabian Cueto’s Bicolor team says goodbye to seven matches without knowing victory.

On the second day of Group D, Honduras will meet Panama next Saturday and Granada with Qatar.


Granada did not make the match easy. Honduran winger Diego Rodriguez should have had Aaron Pierre’s shot off target.

The match changed in the 28th minute when Catracha opened the scoring in a game in which bengzuN, who returned to the Gold Cup after a ten-year absence, took advantage of the mistake of Granada-born goalkeeper, Rice Cook.

With the goal, Honduras grew and gave Granada less freedom, which was trying to get into the opponent’s area with Jamal Charles, who wore the shirt of Real Spain and Real Sociedad, both from the National League.

Emotions in the supplemental part

In the second half of the game, which was held at BBVA Stadium in Houston, Catracha maintained greater dominance, which on several occasions sought to increase the supremacy against the Grenadines.

The second goal for Honduras was scored by Edwin Solano in the 52nd minute, after receiving a long pass from the center of his field, and after evading one of the defenders in the race, he overcame the Granada goalkeeper.

From that moment on, Granada collapsed and conceded two more goals, in the 86th minute from Johnny Leveron and two minutes later from Rommel Coyoto, who made the score 4-0.

minute by minute

Been completed! Honduras defeated Granada 4-0 in their first appearance in the Gold Cup.

90 minutes add three minutes.

87th minute Gooooooool from Honduras! Rommel Coyoto scored 4-0 against Granada.

86th minute Goooooooooal from Honduras! Leveron scores 3-0 against Granada.

Minute 80 Oops! Alexander McQueen and Bubba Lopez’s right hand can control the ball. Near discount granada.

Changes 79 minutes in Honduras! Leveron, Brian Acosta, Benavidez enter, Diego Rodriguez, Bunic Garcia and Edwin Solani leave.

75th minute Honduras continues to beat Granada 2-0 for Group D of the Gold Cup.

Minute 68 Offff! The Granada player takes his right hand and passes the ball to the side of the Honduran goal. h.

66th minute straight from Debi Flores and the ball crosses Granada’s goal

63 minutes changes in Honduras! Rommel Koyoto and Albert Ellis join in; Jerry Bengtson and Walter Martinez leaveغادر

60th minute Honduras beat Granada 2-0 with goals from Jerry Bengtson and Edwin Solani.

Huge help from Debbie Flores, Edwin Solano beat his opponent’s back and when he entered the area he took his right hand that fell into the back of the net. Honduras defeats Granada 2-0.

The 51st minute Gooooooooal from Honduras! Edwin Solano scores 2-0 against Granada.

Let’s move on to the second half: Honduras won 1-0 in part Against Granada for Group D in the Gold Cup.

First Half: Honduras entered the first half by defeating Granada 1-0 with a goal from Jerry Bengtsson in the Gold Cup.

45 minutes add two minutes in the first half.

43 min Kevin Alvarez recovers after a bad fall. The Honduran defender will continue in the field of action.

40 minutes Oops! Boba Lopez sends the ball to the corner kick after a left-footed shot from Reagan Cook. near Granada.

32nd minute Edwin Solano falls on one side of the area and calls for a foul, but the central referee does not punish anything.

Granada goalkeeper, Rice Charles Cook, made a colossal mistake. Wanting to come out to play, Bington pressed him, attentive, sending the ball to the back of the net. H exploits against Granada.

28th minute: Gooooooool from Honduras! Jerry Bengtson scores 1-0 against Granada.

The 27th minute Edwin Solano’s header and the ball goes far.

24 min Phew! First Diego Rodriguez on the goal line and then Boba Lopez avoided Granada’s goal. Honduras does not have a good time in the Gold Cup.

23 minute Félix Crisanto removes a dangerous position from Granada in the area. Honduras does not have a good time in the first minutes.

15th minute Honduras and Granada tied 0-0 in Houston for the Gold Cup.

12 minutes Oops! Jamal Charles takes his right hand and the ball goes to the side of the Honduran goal. Granada first notice.

The 8th minute is off! Alex Lopez’s right hand and the ball goes to one side of Granada’s goal. First notice from Honduras.

Minute 3 The first corner kick for Honduras was taken by Alex Lopez, and it was rejected by the Granada defense area.

The 2nd minute is straight from the player Jacob Berkeley of Granada and the ball goes to the Honduran goal.

I started! Honduras is making its Gold Cup debut against Granada.

for the group from Honduras; Panama and Qatar tied 3-3 in the best Gold Cup match so far.

Honduran’s eleventh player to face Granada: Luis Lopez, Felix Crisanto, Kevin Alvarez, Mayor Figueroa, Diego Rodriguez, Debbie Flores, Walter Martinez, Alexander Lopez, Bunic Garcia, Edwin Solano and Jerry Bengtson.

Granada’s eleventh player to face Honduras: Rice Cook, Arthur Patterson, Tyrone Sterling, Aaron Peier, Omar Pickles, Oliver Norburn, Shavon John Brown, Reagan Cook, Benjamin Etienne, Jacob Berkeley and Jamal Charles.

The confrontation between Honduras and Granada was scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm, but was delayed due to a thunderstorm affecting Houston and will begin at 9:10 pm.

Good night. Welcome, minute by minute, what will be Honduras’ first appearance in the Gold Cup, where Bicolor will face Granada.

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