horror! Jump into the void after getting stuck in a tourist parachute


Anxiety took over for a few moments Two skydivers and a tourist in a park in Chile After the wind causes one of them to end up hooked up to the young woman’s equipment as she begins the journey, Force them to jump into the void Moments later which becomes his video Widely.

In the video, which has been circulating on social media since February 6, 2022, it can be seen how the coach is on the ground, known as Celso Campo, as well as another coach named Cesar and the young tourist. blown by the wind Before Campo moves out of the way.

The photos were taken by the young woman from a mobile device attached to a “selfie stick”, and were captured A little more than two minutes from the moment of pain That the three people lived in the air. The coach sticks to the tourist belt and remains calm at all times Before calculating the height and the area you can jump To prevent a major tragedy.

After about 50 seconds in the air, the coach jumps into the void over some bushes that, along with the lower altitude I managed to mitigate the effect While his companion and Al-Wukair tried to find out his condition. Despite the shocking situation, the experienced coach was unharmed and later he himself shared a video of it Makes it known that everything went well for everyonewithout regret.

“I am here safe and well. A message, pure positive energy is no longer available to everyone.”


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