‘The bombing has begun in Ukraine’… Josep Borrell confirms that there are indeed attacks in the east of the country


High Representative for European Union to foreign affairsAnd Joseph Borrell This Thursday confirmed that “The bombing began in some areas of the border” from east Ukrainebut stated that EU countries will not agree to sanctions against Russia Even “The level of severity of aggression requires it.”

“The shells hit a kindergarten in the town of Stanitsia – Luganska, apparently two teachers were injured”He expressed.

“We have received news of the withdrawal of the (Russian) forces, but there is no evidence of this,” He said Borel After a meeting of the heads of state and government of the European Union to deal with the tension over Ukraine, they did not take any decision.

Apparently a violation of the cease-fire in the area Donbass Tensions escalate in Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists trade accusations of attacks on the front lines Donetsk and Luhansk.

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“What we have evidence of and are very concerned about is the escalation of fighting and heavy shelling in some parts of the border, which is exactly the part I visited in early January,” he added.said Borrell, regarding his visit to the contact line in the east of the country Ukraine.

No further details have been revealed yet. about the bombing.

Biden insists Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could happen “in the next few days”

President Joe Biden He assured reporters in Washington on Thursday that he saw a “very high” risk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and that it could happen as soon as “in the next few days.”

“Everything suggests”, She added Biden(The forces collected by the Kremlin, about 150 thousand soldiers) are ready to enter Ukraine, to attack Ukraine.

“[El riesgo] it’s too high”He said Biden Before boarding a Marine One helicopter bound for Ohio. They did not move any of their forces. They collected more soldiers, and that’s the first thing. The second thing: We have reason to believe that they were involved in a pseudoscience operation (a false attack to be excused).

These words abound in his statement last Tuesday in White House, When he stated that the Moscow operation was “completely possible” and that “The West is prepared for whatever might happen.”

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