How do you match your likes on Tinder? science tells you

How do you match your likes on Tinder?  science tells you

Finding love on digital platforms like Tinder is very normal today. If you are related to them then here we will tell you how to create a good profile for dating apps.

Meeting that special someone, going out and possibly finding your soul mate through an app, is one of the most common forms of courtship in the 21st century.

Although the traditional methods of flirting are still valid, the fact that first contact with someone via the Internet is very common, a situation from which our country does not escape.

And the study “Love in the Times of Telecom-Covid 2021 prepared by him was CIUshows that 3 out of 10 people in Mexico have found a “someone special” on dating apps.

But that was not all. It also revealed that 59.1% of Mexicans started a romantic relationship with someone else they met virtually.

How to make a good profile on dating apps, according to science?

If you haven’t found your special someone on an online platform yet, it could be because your profile is not fully optimized.

But don’t worry, researchers at Tilburg University in the Netherlands conducted a study in which they asked 775 people to analyze five profiles. quotes From a collection of just over 308 on two Dutch websites.

After the analysis, in which they looked at the originality of each profile description, leaving aside cliches, they concluded that the use of specific metaphors and examples had a higher rating, in addition to being more attractive and intelligent.

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So what to do to get a good profile on dating apps and match someone special? Here’s what the researchers suggest, according to a Business Insider post:

  • Use examples to customize your profile so that they suggest an interesting plan for a date, and avoid misusing adjectives, according to Sarah Teck, a male dating therapist and coach.
  • Ask your best friend to help describe your profile. Including anecdotes describing you as a person is very good information.
  • Be descriptive, but don’t go overboard. Avoid being too specific when creating your profile and try to write in a positive way. Limit your qualities and try to reveal them in the best possible way.

Other tips to make your profile successful

Other tips you can keep in mind is to avoid using a duck face selfie, taken in front of a mirror or that makes you look selfish.

Express authenticity and honesty, whether in your photo or description, and open up a conversation with the matching person.

With these simple tips you can get better Profile personly Thus reaching more people, and possibly connecting with that special someone you were looking for.

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