How has the pandemic changed our view of aesthetic medicine?

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On July 24, World Self-Care Day is celebrated, the day this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, which was born with the goal of promoting personal care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then is celebrated on the 24th. month 7.

With everything we’ve lived through during the pandemic caused by Covid, the importance of promoting self-care and personal well-being has been put on the social agenda more than ever. 360° wellbeing encompasses all its levels, i.e. physical and emotional. At this point we ask ourselves, what role does physical well-being play on an emotional level? Is aesthetic medicine a tool that can improve self-confidence and self-esteem? What is the value of aesthetics in the way we see ourselves and deal with everyday life?

We spoke with Dr. Kristina Villanueva, a professional with over 25 years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, to discover the role that aesthetic medicine can play in our personal well-being, that is, in the self-confidence of people who need or simply decide to seek treatment.

Dr. Kristina Villanueva explained to us the role that physical health plays on an emotional level: “There is no doubt that physical well-being is not only the absence of disease, every day we take better care of ourselves at all levels, disease prevention, physical exercise, taking care of our diet and mental health, all This affects our emotional state because taking care of ourselves and seeing ourselves healthy makes us feel better, and the opposite is also true, when we neglect ourselves we feel bad, more apathetic and without energy.”

In addition, he admitted to us the importance of the role of aesthetic medicine in human confidence: “Aesthetic medicine can prevent, correct aesthetic defects and beautify, all this affects our self-esteem.”

Which is that the pandemic has affected us negatively, but also positively because: “I think the pandemic has made us think about how to take care of ourselves in all respects and among them is the aspect we give to others or what is more important, ourselves. The use of screens for remote work has made us see our faces. For a longer time and in a way that is slightly distorted by light and electronic device cameras, which has a little bit of an “eye-eye” effect.

Thanks to this, Dr. Kristina Villanueva assures us: “This made us more aware of some features or defects that we can correct using aesthetic medicine, and on the other hand, the use of masks has focused our attention on the upper third of our face, in this part tiredness and anger are reflected, features we can This is why these types of procedures have also been carried out.More treatments to improve the cheekbones or lips as the small swellings or “bruises” that can cause punctures are more hidden with the mask “.

In short, aesthetics have great value in the way we see ourselves and deal with day-to-day things: “The way we see ourselves has a critical impact on how we face our day, and even body position has been shown to transmit signals to our brains about our mood, which is why some Expressions of anger or sadness can give our brain this signal and the fact that we can modify it through safe treatments, in the hands of expert doctors, makes us feel better, not just because we look better, what else, but because we’re not sending those negative signals into our minds” .

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