What are the benefits of performing Ayurvedic purification retreats in Granada at the Natural Ayurvedic Medicine Center?


Connecting with nature is one of the most effective remedies when it comes to reconnecting with one’s being in a harmonious and balanced way. the Natural Ayurvedic Medicine Center, located in Granada, and provides A powerful way to achieve mind and body purification with all the tools the natural environment has to offer.

It is located around Ayurvedic purification retreats in GranadaIt is a personal purification package that uses techniques to detoxify the mind and body in order to restore the patient’s health.

Balancing the normal functioning of the body by eliminating toxins

In a fully air-conditioned environment to achieve the rest, relaxation and focus necessary to reconnect with being, Ayurvedic Purification Retreats are held in Granada.

Lola Peña, a naturopath and founder of the center, offers the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine by using the medicinal properties of nature to treat and cure various health problems and bring about inner balance. To achieve this balance, It is necessary to purify the mind and body of toxins that affect humans. On a mental level, toxins are negative thoughts, fears and other problems that burden the patient’s life experience.

To combat these toxins, Ayurveda MN Center encourages the practice of silenceConnecting the patient with the present and reprogramming pleasurable experiences through the senses, which will allow the restoration of existence in an integrated manner.

During this process of energy purification, people will learn to conform to their biorhythm through the habits this space provides, such as solitude in a natural setting, waking up to the sound of birds, the time of sunrise and the practice of sleeping. early.

Changing the digestive system is the cause of disease in the body on many occasions

Ayurvedic medicine considers diseases to begin in the mind and directly affect the digestive system. When digestion does not work properly, the body begins to accumulate waste, and if it is not expelled properly, it ends up blocking the ducts, which leads to the emergence of various diseases.

This body cleansing diet has been developed according to each patient’s constitution, based on easily digestible meals that aid in detoxification.

Physical and mental relaxation help the patient to speed up the start of the metabolism process, It absorbs nutrients better and raises energy levels, something that people who decide to try their luck with Ayurvedic purifying retreats in Granada will achieve.

The center’s purifying treatments are fully customized The center can attend the session from one person to a maximum of fourTo maintain calm and tranquility in the workplace. This program can be carried out at any time of the year, where you are able to enjoy the pool areas and other outdoor recreational activities during spring and summer and a nice fireplace during the cold season.

By achieving peace of mind and spirituality thanks to retreats at the Ayurveda MN Centre, the patient will experience sensory freedom like never before.

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