How is Netflix doing on its 25th anniversary?

How is Netflix doing on its 25th anniversary?

The history of Netflix began in a city in the United States located in the county of California called Los Gatos. Its founders, Jr. and Mark Randolph, began offering movie rentals by mail in the United States, but were initially unsuccessful, as VHS tape was impractical. The DVD later triumphed, as it was obviously light in weight and could be transported in a simpler way.

The company started small with 925 available titles, and within a few years, the collection had reached 100,000 films. This service cost four euros plus shipping costs and the loan period consisted of several days so that they could enjoy it.

Netflix after 25 years

The platform was able to merge on August 28, 1997 and has grown rapidly to a capital of over €36,000 million and has 11,500 employees on payroll. It was the most popular platformer for a decade, with successful series like Orange Is The New Black, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, The Paper House, Squid Game or The Lady’s Gambit.

The streaming platform currently has more than 220 million subscribers worldwide who pay for its service. It is not new that in recent months it has tried to position itself as the best platform against its competition, because since the emergence of other services, audiences have had the opportunity to choose their favorite and Netflix saw the need to offer a wider catalog. By mid-2022, they had lost nearly 1 million subscribers and 300 employees had been laid off.

Although the platform is celebrating its 25th anniversary, it is going through a fragile moment as it is creating content of all kinds so that users are more interested and come back. @all over the world.

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