How to Hide WhatsApp “Last Time” from Specific Contacts (Finally)

How to Hide WhatsApp “Last Time” from Specific Contacts (Finally)

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talking about Privacy Features WhatsApp has the basics covered: End-to-end encryptionAnd the Two-factor documentation and cucumber prevent others they add you for groups. But something was always missing a WhatsApp was More control over some Privacy Features: You can show tor profile picture or time Last call to the whole worldoh well hide it from Everything, there is no middle ground. Apps like Telegram and Signal in general They had Privacy Controls Plus Customizable.

slow but sureWhatsApp now allows users to customize it Privacy features. whenever you Wears The latest version of WhatsApp, you can To make or to invent Exceptions to those General rules and selection Individual contacts who will not be able to see the time of your last connection or the time of your connection Profile picture, as long as you have in contact list.

in Section “Adjust: he goes a law Project > Privacy and choose Option “The last time also “personal picture. then choose Option “My contacts, except…“Y Choose The contacts you want hid youu last contact or profile picture. touchOK to save the changes.

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WhatsApp uses the method of blacklisting files Privacy controls. if you want hid youu last time a A new contact, you will have to re-enter and add it to the exceptions list. It is also important to note that unknown numbers that are not preserved in tYou can’t access your contact list for the last time nor inor profile picture.

If you are Annoy random people Add to WhatsApp groups We suggest you take Take a look at the section groups inside state “Privacy. Choose Option “no one to stop you Add them directly to groups (you will receive an invitation message instead). you can too Use the function “My contacts, Except “so that Just specific contacts Automatically added to groups.

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