Several promising special editions have been leaked that could arrive soon

Several promising special editions have been leaked that could arrive soon

Update: In addition to all the cards discussed in this post, Timo Werner has also been leaked as a FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Shapeshifter. His strongest copy so far is the RTTK that he received during the first few months of the season.

Regardless of the leak on A new round of swapsothers also appeared today (by Tweet embed s Tweet embed) on me Possible special editions That will make it to FIFA 22. The truth is that Some of them are very promising, although it should not be accessible to everyone. Because of the level they have to perform in Ultimate Team and because of their particular popularity.

FIFA 22 Leaked – Possible New Cards

  • Marcelo Shapeshifters As a perfect star striker.
  • Sergio Ramos as Transformersbut it does not specify any site.
  • Fernandinho the end of an erawhich can be shown via SBC.
  • Rafael Guerrero Transformers player selection style Carrasco. We will have to choose between the midfielder version and the right-back version.
  • Stephan El Shaarawy Transformersbut it does not specify any site.

As you can see, we will have cards from different leagues and assume that the prices will also be very different. Considering the huge cost to Marcelo FUT Captains, they are supposed to be expensive as shape-shifters. And if Sergio Ramos has good stats, we don’t think it’s affordable either. Although obviously it will depend on your average, position and traits.

Fernandinho already appeared on SBC as FUT Leaders months ago and Guerreiro is very promising because his FUT birthday had a lot of quality despite being a winger. Therefore, if you take this card as a reference, it can be very useful in the attack. Although he shouldn’t offer the level of the most reliable footballers in FIFA 22, due to his 1’70 height. He would not have the physical strength of others.

s El Shaarawy is a great unknown Because, of course, he hardly combines four skill stars and three bad legs. So you need a major upgrade to be on top. But if he obtained it, he would benefit within the region of his “skinny” body type. I’m sure many of you remember the flashbacks and FUTTIES I received last year.

a prioriMarcelo has to be the most complete of all the players leaked because the FUT Leaders already have great stats and perfect stars. But we assume that it will be very expensive, and only a few users will be able to sign it.

Tweets with leaks

Statistics for El Shaarawy flashback game FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
We assume that many users will remember the flashback version of El Shaarawy in FIFA 21.

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