How to install Xiaomi and Leica camera on your mobile phone

How to install Xiaomi and Leica camera on your mobile phone

Install and try the Xiaomi and Leica Camera app they made together to get new features.

So far, Xiaomi is using the default camera app that we all know about. This camera is customized with the MIUI layer. However, since Xiaomi announced that They were about to launch their first smartphone with Leica It has been a while until we have seen some of its fruits.

from this union Leica has a huge impact on the Chinese company. One such tangible change is the new camera app they bundled with the smartphone company. Better? We can install it in our terminals and test it from today.

What is the Leica and Xiaomi camera app

The Xiaomi camera app built with Leica introduces many changes from the regular version. new app It has a different watermark. The new watermark appears at the bottom of the image instead of in the corner.

Regarding the image quality, the new camera from Leica and Xiaomi, it seems that the images obtained are the same. A priori, the differences that we find with respect to the image are few. The new app brings new Leica color modesAmong them, we highlight the natural filter, which makes the images less saturated and feel closer to what we see in the human eye.

On the other hand, we find the Leica’s bright color modes or the black and white modes without forgetting the series filters that Xiaomi has on its camera. These differences They can be seen in the photos we just posted above.. They have been ported with the new app from a Xiaomi 12 Pro.

How to download and install Xiaomi and Leica camera on our mobile phone

Downloading the application will not be as easy as searching for it in the Google Store because it is an application created for the new Xiaomi 12S Ultra, so we will have to download it manually. new camera It will replace the old one from Xiaomi that we installed in our terminal. We want to make it clear We are not responsible for what may happen at the station.

To download the application we will have to go to the Telegram channel of MIUI System Updates. this channel, Collects all the updates of different apps for the Xiaomi ecosystem So that users can download it.

Download xiaomi leica camera app

Xiaomi and Leica camera app installation process

We simply click on the link and go to the download on Telegram. Click on the app to download it and download it to our devices. Once downloaded, we open it and install it. With this, we can enjoy the application on our devices.

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