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All smartphones are subject to wear and tear over time, and some last longer than others and it depends on how much you care about your device. Today, cell phone From the high range it exceeds $1,000, which is such a high amount that you can unconsciously spoil it in a few years with certain practices that degrade it; On this occasion, we will explain from Depor why it is not recommended to use a mobile phone when it is connected to a power outlet. Take note.

Old cell phones with removable batteries may overheat and get damaged when used while charging, with cell phones Now this has not happened, because their batteries are made of lithium, a material with a higher energy density, and some equipment even cuts off the charge when it reaches 100%.

For this reason, you should not use your ANDROID mobile phone while charging

From now on, we will tell you that your cell phone will not explode, however, if you are used to using it every day while it is connected, it will cause the device battery to deteriorate more quickly, for example: if your smartphone lasted 8 hours before you turned it on, now it will reach 4 hours or less of use.

Also, another downside is that it will take longer for your phone to reach 100%, since you are consuming the power that goes into the battery. It is important to mention that everything we just mentioned will happen if you do this on a daily basis, if you use it to play games, watch YouTube videos, answer phone calls for several minutes, etc., which are basically the tasks that take up a large amount of memory Random.

Why you should only charge your mobile phone up to 80%

According to the information provided by the application AccuBatteryit was possible to find out that charging your mobile phone Android also iOS Up to 80%, the battery life is extended by 211%, because charging it from 0 to 80% costs 0.26 wear cycles compared to a full charge (1 cycle). “Our methods for protecting battery health are based on scientific studies‘ said the above-mentioned app.

Remember that most mobile devices Android also iOS It only supports up to 500 charge cycles, the charging cycle is spent when charging your smartphone from 0% to 100%, for example: if you charge your cell phone twice in one day up to 50%, this is equivalent to charging cycle.

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