Android | Find out if it’s a good idea to charge your phone with a long cable | technology | Recommendations | OS | Download | nda | nnni | sports game

Android |  Find out if it’s a good idea to charge your phone with a long cable |  technology |  Recommendations |  OS |  Download |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

From Depor we have taught you and explained various tricks and recommendations related to taking care of your smartphone battery, the goal has always been to extend the useful life of the aforementioned component, since this is the main source of power for any device. It can start and operate without problems; However, this time you will find out if charging your cell phone with a long cable is good or bad, will it take more or less to get from 0% to 100%? We will detail below.

Surely on more than one occasion I have seen a friend or family member use a charger with a very long cable, they suddenly bought it because the plug is far from the bed and they want to fiddle while charging it. Coming back to the topic, is it advisable to charge it with a long cable? Will it be faster or slower? Logically, it should take longer to get pregnant, but it was discovered that it is not.

Is it okay to charge an ANDROID phone with a long cable?

It is important to clarify that if two cables are made of the same materials and even have the same dimensions, then when charging your device should reach from 0 to 100 percent in the same amount of minutes or hours, it makes sense because the speed of the current does not change, but keep in mind that moving it is not Free because the cables provide resistance, according to Technology Portal Android.

It may sound confusing, but science says “The resistance of a cable is equal to the ratio of its length to its cross-sectional area.In simpler terms, if the cable is longer it provides greater resistance to current, which can cause less voltage to reach the cell phone and take longer to charge from 0% to 100%.

Why should you disable your cell phone’s WIFI when you are on the street?

  • First, since active WiFi slowly consumes your phone battery, it is best to turn it off to save a few minutes of power, and suddenly that extra time may help at some point, the tech portal highlighted. Android.
  • Another reason, even more harmful than the previous one, is that you can automatically connect to a WiFi network that is open on the street, such as unsecured public networks, which are the same networks that computer criminals usually use to steal your personal information or infect your device. Android With some malware viruses.
  • The above medium highlights that it is recommended to deactivate “Automatically connect to WiFi networks”, so you will only connect to trusted networks like your home. To perform this configuration, do the following:
  • Slide the notification bar from bottom to top.
  • Now, press for a few seconds on the WiFi icon.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the top right and click on “Advanced”.
  • Finally, disable the “Turn on WiFi automatically” option.

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