How to see A Man of Action, a movie about the Spanish “Robin Hood” on Netflix nnda nnlt | Play DEPOR

How to see A Man of Action, a movie about the Spanish “Robin Hood” on Netflix nnda nnlt |  Play DEPOR

if you love me and “Catch Me If You Can” (2002), the new Netflix movie that’s perfect for you. Action Man is the next addition to the streaming platform, expanding its catalog .

The film is directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera, who was previously responsible for such titles as “Malnazidos” (2021) and “3 More Weddings” (2013). within, The person in charge of the script is Pache AmizcuaThe mind behind “The Seventh” (2013) and “Borderless” (2022).

A Man of Action starring Juan Jose Ballestawho will be remembered for his role as Paolo in Hispania, the legend.

Tape production held in Tarragona It includes such stately buildings as the educational complex, the Bank of Spain, the old prison and the town hall.

Next, we will explain What is this new Netflix movie and how can you watch it?.

In A Man of Action, a group of anarchists rob banks to fund their movement (Image: Netflix)

Synopsis for “A Man of Action”

Action Man is a movie Inspired by the life of Lucio Urtopiaa Spanish anarchist who worked during the 1940s through the 1970s.

Keep track of his life period He robs banks across the country and continent, until a legendary check forgery operation begins. Your next goal is The largest bank in the United StatesBut the authorities won’t make it that easy.

Artopia called himself “Robin Hood”.Well, part of the money he stole He went into anarchist causes Who believed in him and his comrades who were arrested during the protests.

Watch the trailer for “A Man of Action” here.

The initial history of “A Man of Action”

“man of action” It will be available to Netflix subscribers Starting Wednesday, November 30, 2022so you won’t have to wait long for this new story.

If you want to access directly, just click this .

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