How to see the Perseids: The most intense and spectacular meteor showers of 2021

How to see the Perseids: The most intense and spectacular meteor showers of 2021

Here are the strongest meteor showers of the year. We explain step by step how to enjoy the Perseids and how to find them in the night sky.

Each year, the Earth’s complex path around the Sun crosses the regions of its orbit Ice, rock and dust particles They are left by comets as they pass through the inner planets of the solar system.

When these fragments come into contact with the atmosphere, air friction causes them to burn up to 6 thousand degrees Celsius, which leads to shooting star that travels in which direction of the night sky before it disintegrates within seconds.

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In the middle of August, our planet meets Dust and debris cloud from Comet Swift-Tuttle, one of the densest regions in Earth’s orbit responsible for PerseidsOne of the meteor rain Most intense of the year.

Perseids: an astronomical spectacle of up to 100 meteors per hour

Perseids are one of the The most popular meteor showers in the northern hemisphere With their density and arrival in midsummer, a perfect time to see them on warm nights. To enjoy this astronomical phenomenon No need to use a telescope Or another visual tool: just find a location with the least light pollution and the widest possible sky view.

Perseids meteor shower
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The first meteorite was captured by the Perseids in 2021 by NASA 26 last July. Since then, the activity of this meteor will continue to rise until it reaches its maximum in the nights of August 11 to 13.

Hence the best time to see the Perseids this year is From midnight to sunrise on August 12.

A crescent moon with 14% illumination would not be a major obstacle to finding a dark sky that would allow observations of meteors that appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus, which will appear at midnight from the northeast.

How to see the Perseid meteor shower step by step

– To enjoy this astronomical phenomenon more than the best Find a comfortable position (preferably lying down) so as not to strain the neck when looking up.

– The most complete view of the celestial vault ensures that more meteors are seen: as in any meteor shower, the fiery blue buds It can appear at any time and in any area from the night sky. It is not necessary to focus on the constellation Perseus. Just look north.

Avoid any useful artificial light source. Stop seeing your smartphone Or other devices that help the eyes adapt quickly to darkness, which leads to improved night vision.

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