How to turn off 5G from your Android phone to save battery power

How to turn off 5G from your Android phone to save battery power

Connecting to the 5G network allows for a higher download speed, although it also means more battery consumption. Fortunately, this can be avoided, how? Turn off the 5G of the phone.

If you recently changed your old and beloved mobile phone compatible with 4G mobile networks, to a terminal that can connect to 5G networks, then Not only will you enjoy incredible download and upload speedbut also You may notice high battery consumption.

Despite the fact that this type of connection is no longer typical for high-end and mid-range mobile devices, those terminals in the middle and low range, which provide support for 5G mobile networks, They usually present some other problems related to independence.

In simple terms, we can say that modified (low-priced) phones that include 5G compatible processors consume much more battery power than chips built into more expensive terminals.

Likewise, absolutely all Android phones (regardless of quality) are known to Consume more battery when connected to 5G mobile networks (Some more, some less.) Fortunately, there is a small “trick” can do to Turn off 5G for your Android phoneAnd the Battery saving trick when browsing the Internet.

Why does connecting to a 5G network require additional battery consumption?

How to turn off 5G from your Android phone to save battery power

5G increases Android phone battery consumption by up to 15%.

Having more pluses than minuses, The transition from 4G to 5G brings many advantagesHigher download speeds, better connection latency and a significant increase in the number of devices that can connect to telecom towers at the same time can be obtained. But as with almost any kind of technological advancement, There are always downsides.

The biggest disadvantage of 5G is the increased power consumption. Because terminals compatible with this technology must communicate with a wide range of frequencies, the battery built into it must provide more power to establish and maintain the connection.

So you can turn off the 5G network of your Android phone to save battery power

Before we show you all the steps you need to take to turn off 5G on your Android device, it’s important to make it clear This will significantly reduce your internet speedThat is, you will download and upload files more slowly.

On the other hand, these steps that we will leave to you below may differ depending on your mobile device. Likewise, the procedure is usually very similar in almost all Android phones.

Turn off 5G on your Android phone

It is recommended to turn off 5G if there are no antennas compatible with this mobile network in the area.

  • Go to the settings of your Android phone.
  • Once you are on the configuration screen of the terminal, you must enter the section “Internet and Networks”.
  • So, you should click on the option that says “mobile network”.
  • Click Preferred type of network..
  • Finally, select the option “4G”.

Although we have not run tests to check how much battery can be saved by turning off 5G on an Android mobile, some analyzes indicate that Battery consumption reduced by up to 15% When using 4G mobile networks.

Last but not least, here’s what we recommend to you Check if there are 5G compatible antennas in your area. If there are none, then it is better to select 4G as your preferred mobile network, since it will be useless for your station to constantly look for a network to which it will not be able to connect.

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