How to call the extension number when calling the mobile

How to call the extension number when calling the mobile

If you want to make a phone call to a number that has an extension, but you don’t know how, don’t worry, we’ll tell you about it below.

If you need to do this Phone call to a number with the extension, but you want to avoid having to go through each user’s keyboard, it’s important to know which extension corresponds to a long string of numbers. But even, you may still have to go through this arduous process. Although it is also important to know How to protect your calls To take care of your privacy.

But do not worry, because we have prepared this post in which we will inform you How to order phone accessories when calling Directly from the mobile phone, so that you do not have to undergo redirection to a switchboard or, what is the same, a public company number.

How to call a phone number when calling from a mobile phone

Calling a phone number from your mobile is simple and we will explain how you can do it

Calling a phone number from your mobile is simple and we will explain how you can do it

Obviously, to be able to do this, you need to know the extension numbers, as you will have to enter them. This will depend on many aspects.such as operator, location, and more.

But if you know which extension to connect from your mobile phone, the next thing you need to know is how to connect to it. For this, you have two ways: Call pause and call waiting.

In this opportunity, we will focus on the first method, paused encoding, which is usually used When entering the main number And the platform allows you to add the extension, without expecting anything. It is a very quick and useful method.

How to use stop dialing mobile call extensions

With this coding, as mentioned, you can Enter the extension From the moment you make the phone call. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is access an app Contacts From your Android phone and choose the person you are going to call.
  • Now you have to click on the icon Edit Contact And select the phone number to add the extension.
  • after, after, You have to put yourself in the last number And add a comma, followed by the corresponding extension. And to do this, you need to hold down the asterisk button
  • It even changes from numbers to symbols.

Finally, you should save the changes you made.

In this explanation we showed you, it will remain, for example, if the number (02) 123456789 and the extension corresponds to 1234, then the result will be “02123456789, 1234”.Although it is an effective method , sometimes it doesn’t work so the way to fix that is to put more commas, after the last digit and before the extension. You should know that each comma will correspond to a pause of about two seconds. This way, you will be able to place your call with the extension correctly, although you should make use of this correctlyDon’t fall into the spam box


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