So you can activate Lock Mode on your Galaxy device

So you can activate Lock Mode on your Galaxy device

Do you have a Samsung mobile? Learn how to protect it better with Block Mode.

Smartphones have security measures in place to prevent an unauthorized person from obtaining files Accessing private data you have stored in it, such as photos, notes or bank details. Some of the most notable Unlock by fingerprint or face data, terminal password and the SIM card PIN.

But there may be certain cases in it You need a higher level of security And for these cases the Korean brand stations Samsung Reliance on Really useful function, “lock mode”.

Samsung cover lock mode

We show you how to enable and activate Lock Mode on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Next, we will explain, step by step, How do you activate this block mode on a file Samsung phone.

So you can activate Lock Mode on your Samsung mobile phone

All stations of the Korean company have a “blocking mode”, a function that it performs Disable fingerprint unlock and face recognition and disable the service SmartLock And notifications on the lock screen.

Thus, when this mode is activated, if an unauthorized person tries to unlock your smartphone You can do this just by entering your PIN or password that you configured previously.

Samsung has a secret feature that allows you to play two sounds at the same time

To activate Lock Mode on your Samsung smartphone, You will have to enable it firstsomething you can do by following these simple steps:

  • arrive to Settings From your Samsung phone
  • Enter the section lock screen
  • Click the option Security lock settings
  • Enter the lock PIN or password
  • Activate the switch that appears to the right of the option Show lock option

Once you enable this Block Mode, to activate it you simply have to do Long press the power button To display the shutdown menu and click the . button lock mode.

By default, Samsung phones are factory configured to long press the power button Activate your virtual assistant, Bixbynot the terminal shutdown menu, but for Change this setting You just have to do the following:

  • get into Settings From your Samsung phone
  • Access the section Advanced Options
  • Click the option button function
  • inside the department fixed it Activate the switch button Menu is off

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