Hroes del Silencio and TIBUTE to Mexico in their NETFLIX: VIDEO


Every day the documentary takes less Harous. Rock and Roll at Silencio yFrom the most important Spanish group of all time: Silence Heroes I arrived at exactly the same time NetflixThis is after a lot of uncertainty, as it must be remembered that the production was scheduled to launch in February, however, for unknown reasons, it was decided that even this would be. April 23 When a story Enrique, Juan, Pedro and Joaquin Tell the story of the group in Mexico He is loved by far too many fans.

He promised that in this production he is responsible for Alexis Morant A director is not at all alien to the members, especially the singer Enrique Banbury, who has collaborated with him on many audiovisual projects, among them “The Road to Nowhere”, The History of the Spanish Tour to the USA Join You will be able to see the unpublished aspects of the group that some consider a sign Prominent to rock music in the Spanish language.

Homage to Mexico’s Hroes del Silencio

Through social networks, the band posted the trailer for the documentary in which you can see that drummer Pedro Andrew is using the Mexican flag in the background to conduct the interview, praising the country in which the “heroes” live. Feel like you are at home, where it must be remembered that Bunbury himself was Responsible for publishing it on multiple occasions.

Although the material for this documentary has not been seen other than on Netflix and that it is produced by Hroes Documental and Bemybaby Films, it can be self-evident that there will be other clear references and even thanks to the country where some are even dare to mention that Hroes del Silencio is more Fame from his native Spain.

Pedro Andrew in the Hroes del Silencio documentary. A screen shot

What about Alan Boguslavsky?

Many fans have questioned the Mexican nationalist Alan Bogoslavsky, who was at one point a part of the group as a guitarist, between 1993 and 1996, but his name appears nowhere, at least in the developments covered in the documentary. It is noteworthy that in a 2007 reunion there was no rapprochement with him, although thousands expected him, especially in Mexico.


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