“This is what I owe you,” he says. Fern For the man who rented a storage room to keep his things. “Take care of yourself,” he replied, and gave her a hug before she set out on a journey with her truck across the vast geography of the United States in search of work.

So it starts BedouinThe film is directed by Chloe Chow And starring actress Frances McDormandWe already knew them from such notable works as Fargo (Joel and Ethan Coen, 1996). In the previous few minutes we read a note warning about The economic devastation of the town of Fern, A mine pocket in northern Nevada paradoxically called the Empire, whose inhabitants were driven out by shutting down the gypsum factory that used them.

The downturn in the manufacturing sector in America’s depths leads directly to AmazonThe first stop for this Bedouin who lives in her car and refuses to be called homeless. After a few days of packing the goods, when he realized he couldn’t afford to park the car – $ 375 – he decided to go to the Arizona desert, where a warm climate and a community of others in a similar position awaited him. From there, we will discover more details about Verne’s life: her husband has passed away recently, and she has no children but some relatives and friends; however, His dignity prevents him from becoming a burden to anyone.

Bedouin It is a story of survival It passes through pain, disease, and death Shared by those who suffer. Through the protagonist’s short conversations, we witness the narration of another life on the edge without guilt or pity. To do this, Zhao uses several cinematic resources, among which is the Master the light: At night, characters gather around a campfire or small lamps that light their cars turned into houses. This is how Linda May admits Suicidal thoughts When he learned that he would have to live on a meager pension; So is Swanky, a 75-year-old woman Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Who is planning his last trip to the bird sanctuary before finally leaving.

Frame from the movie Nomadland

To the splendor of the scenario Bedouin a Dark effect Which makes faces glow in contrast to the darkness of the rest of the shot: In these confessions, scenes and unimportant things remain outside our vision, and homemade items – curtains and beds – that would belong to a social class they were forbidden to do. Yes bliss appears AbundanceThis time it is lit on two occasions: the first coincides with a visit that Fern makes to her sister to ask her for money to fix the truck; In the second he will see Dev (David Strathern), a former Bedouin friend who moved into his son’s house. In both, you are offered the opportunity to To live I borrowed, I borrowed That life that allows you to avoid depression; She turns it down completely.

In the face of the convenience provided by the lamps, Vern continues his journey that will be marked by Temporary work and rest that nature brings. In this sense, the film can be considered an ode to the diversity of the American landscape in its most extreme and beautiful aspects: public shots of deserts or snowy mountains contrast with the detail in which minerals are depicted from different regions, plants or streams; frequently, The landscapes blend to form a recurring story that captures the journey It uses music – composed by Italian pianist Ludovico Inaudi – to unleash emotion.

In fact, we find in the characters a great sensitivity to interacting with basic elements, from stars to trees, in response to an existence devoid of accumulation of material, a message found in the name of the protagonist: Fern means Fern. In one of the film’s most impressive scenes, we see her bathing in a river, recalling the make-up and color of the famous. Ophelia Written by John Everett Millie, with the difference that she is here naked and in spite of it all, she is alive. In fairness to this philosophy, he would make a decision to return to the empire and meet again His old house, the factory, and the ghosts that live there To dispose of the trinkets still stored in the storage room and release them again, once the duel is over and the memories are absorbed, on the way.

Bedouin Builds a physical, economic, social and political displacement through the recent history of the United States whose industrial decline claims dreams of the white underclass, Called underrated White litter. Far from romanticizing or enjoying poverty, the film exploits the cause of Journey on Wheels to propose another initiative through the most unexpected twists and turns of what makes us human.

He does so without loading ideological inks, with the help of intertextuality that welcomes pictures, but also literary and cinematic – we listen to Shakespeare’s Sonnet and read the tearing apart of desolate places like the one in Nebraska (Alexander Payne, 2013) or the classic Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders, 1984) – Moving on to the Einaudi staff or through dialogues limiting existentialism. The humanity that its characters give away is highlighted by a cast of unprofessional actors who accompany Verne or Dave.: The Bedouins Oh really Shamelessly in front of the camera. In short, we are faced with a masterpiece capable of weaving our courage, while honoring its heroes every day.

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