He found thousands of dollars in clothes that he donated and gave back – the people – the culture


A young woman working in prof Industries of Goodwill, Which is a North American initiative of charities that provide services and work for people with disabilities or low incomes, has today A true luck story: He found a great amount of dollars developing his business.

It comes to b Andrea Lessing, Who was sorting between a pile of donated clothes when he suddenly noticed that a pullover that seemed to have books inside.

However, when he searched in detail he realized that the discovery was more valuable: 42 thousand dollars (Just over 150 million pesos).

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Of all the people in the world, I didn’t expect something like this to happen to me (…) to me it was just another day at work. I never expected to find $ 42,000 this wayAnd commented in a statement to Fox News.

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According to his statements, there was no second that he did not consider returning the money, so he immediately informed his superiors of the surprising result. In an interview with the mentioned media, he said that he believed in karma and that he could not have imagined keeping the money.

The Charity center maybe Identify the owner And communicate with him to tell him what happened. Lessing told Fox News: “I know I made the right decision.”

Thanks to her honest work, the young lady was rewarded with another generous surprise: the owner gave her one thousand dollars (A little more than 3 million pesos) in gratitude for your good work.

(Can you read us from the EL TIEMPO app? Here You can see the post).

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I just want to thank you because it was such a blessing. It restored my belief that there are really good people, even through this epidemic.Lessing commented.

a Goodwill Industries representative From central Oklahoma, he told “Fox News” that money is one of the most common discoveries in donated clothing, although it is usually “about five, ten or twenty dollars.”

She also praised Lessing’s goodwill for displaying the values ​​they hope to instill in the communities it serves.

“Andrea’s actions and the actions of our Goodwill Organization are concrete examples of one of our core values: integrity,” he said. Jim Priest, CEO of Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma, in a joint statement with Fox News.

A goodwill representative also told Fox News that Lessing has discovered.The largest monetary find ever reported of our Goodwill sites in Central OklahomaIn her 85-year history, in addition to being one of the America’s largest goodwill store.

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