Surprises for Netflix’s New Release “Rebelde Way”: How Paty Chapoy’s Son Will Participate

Rodrigo Davila, Patti Chaboy’s son, will be performing the music for the reproduction of “Rebelde”. (Photo: @ rodrigodav / Instagram)

Rodrigo Davila, son of the famous host Sweating Patty Chapoy, he’ll be responsible for creating every music remake From the novel Rebilde method.

Daniel Bisogno, Presenter of TV Azteca with Chapoy, revealed in a video of Instagram Which – which A member of the Mexican rock band “Motel” has been confirmed to have made the soundtrack for the series.

“So, girls, be prepared because the musical quality here is going to be, unlike in the past,” said Bisogno when revealing Patty Chapoy’s secret. Rodrigo Dávila will face the great challenge of guiding new interpretations.

The success of the story took place not only in Argentina and Mexico, but also Spread to countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia, Terms of the musical groupRBD “went on a fantastic tour with hits like Be opinion a Save me, Which will be restored in this new version.

Video: ventaneandouno / Instagram.

Advance in this month, Netflix has confirmed that it was preparing an original series based on Rebilde method, The Argentinian novel that also inspired The rebel, The unprecedented success of Mexican television.

this is the way, After 15 years of waiting, the production company announced the new generation of private schools Elite Road School Through a statement from the iconic foundation.

“New students will start wearing the EWS uniform in the induction courses that will start on March 1 of this year, thus preparing for the next academic year 2022 at this institution.”, It reads in the document.

Among the confirmed actors are personalities like Azul Guetta, Sergio Mayer Morey, Geronimo Cantilo, Franco Massini, Liseth Celine, Alejandro Puente, Giovanna Grigio and Andrea Chabarro, daughter of the famous actor Omar Chapparro.

The Rebelde novel was broadcast from 2004 to 2006 (Photo: RBD_oficial / Twitter)
The Rebelde novel was broadcast from 2004 to 2006 (Photo: RBD_oficial / Twitter)

In 2018, according to the magazine TV Notas, Producer and creator of the original Argentinian novelAnd Chris Moreno shared an interview with the radio show Enough of everything Which – which The series will consist of 20 chapters and focus on the story of the novel.

“There are 400 chapters that, after rewriting, will remain 20. I’ve already spoken with Show That they choose and tell me that they are going to leave the same characters and that they have to condense the 200 chapters that contain them Rebilde methodAnd Moreno admitted.

In the promotional video for the series, you can hear the iconic song “Rebelde” in the background, by What will the series achieve? The same successes that made the band famous and that were part of the production of Pedro Damien.

Although the news aroused the interest of the audience, it also caused great alarm, as the lead song is heard through new voices. Who will embody characters such as “Mia Colucci”, “Roberta Bardo”, “Miguel Aranjo” and “Diego Bustamante”. This means that the music for the new series will be produced again.

In December of last year, the band RBD gave a concert online as a reunion.  (Photo: @ RBDoficial / Twitter)
In December of last year, the band RBD gave a concert online as a reunion. (Photo: @ RBDoficial / Twitter)

In December of last year, the band met remotely in a concert titled Be opinionThat they participated in Anahi, Might Pyrrone, Christopher Von Ackerman, and Christian Chavez.

According to Martha Figueroa, who was mentioned on the program Excuse me from singleAnd The meeting caused such a sensation that more than 320,000 fans from 20 countries around the world watched it in their home countries, such as the United States, Canada, Romania, Spain and Japan.

In addition to selling flow It generated roughly $ 11,250,000, just over 224 million pesos, so the series is a big expectation for RBD followers.

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